Mahogany perfection

A huge thanks to fellow Woody Boaters Steve Lapkin and Steve Natale for sharng some of the pre show setup fun at the big 2019 Lake Tahoe Boat Show. This is the largest and most important show on the West Coast, if not the country. Winning a Lake Tahoe Award is a major deal in our passion, and extremely competitive. It’s like winning Pebble Beach if you are a car person.

Getting ready

Lake Tahoe is Riva heaven

Amazing Hacker Craft with wonderful interior. Love the floor detail

The big guns come out !

Historic Obexors

Perfect water, perfect wood. Perfect faded flag!

COMANCHE is one amazing craft

Under cover

Dreamer perfection

Love me a Wagoneer.

Perfect Dash!

Big Boy is a perennial Big Winner.

Amazing setting

More Riva’s

Filled up!

Amazing 24 Cylinder Deusenburg Engine

Love the Green Line


Yes I do!


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11 Responses to “The Steve’s Share The 2019 Lake Tahoe Pre-Show.”
  1. Kelly A Wittenauer

    What?! No explanation of the porta pottie launch ramp photo?

  2. Bilge Rat

    Preshow Tohoe????

    Header might need some adjustments. But still a nice preshow.

  3. Troy in ANE


    From Clayton to Tahoe (Or Tohoe as the case may be) with Kent O and Steve!

    Does it get any better than this other than being there?

    • John N Allen

      Heading to Hessel and the fabulous Les Cheneaux Islands. Tahoe is on the must do list.

  4. Richard Daley

    Notre Dame with the 24?cylinder engine.
    I am thinking there is a full report needed on this boat.
    The engine alone would make a story let alone the boat.

  5. Wilson

    Didn’t see a picture of DORK, the Miller family boat that has made every Tahoe shoe so far…She there ??

  6. Shep 22

    Toooo many ‘trailer queens’ — the smaller shows are more interesting.

  7. Duster

    Some familiar boats and some I’ve not seen before.
    Notre Dame looks rather spectacular. Steve if you see that engine cover off please get a few pictures if you can. Wish I was there.

  8. Jeff

    I’m here for my first time and it is just mind blowing to me. Incredible.