The #99 Higgins engine in question.

We got the photos from Brett, regarding the Serial number 99 Higgins boat we spoke about last week. Not sure how conclusive this all is. According the Brett the engine is original to the boat, but was rebuilt. And parts could be changed, like on manifolds. So here goes.

Here is the key photo of the number plate.

Here is a list provided by Brian Robinson on the Chris Craft Boat buzz regarding Chrysler Marine Engines.

According to this document, it does verify it as a possible pre war

Casting numbers on the block also may help.

I think this is a manafold cast number

So have fun with this today. And still working on a solution for the photo comment thing. It now involves an ip adress thing. Why cant this be easy like the serial number on a flathead

HERE is a late entry. The tag with the hull number on it. I have asked if the number is stamped into the wood.


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6 Responses to “Follow Up On Oldest Higgins?”
  1. m-fine

    I don’t know anything about Mopar flat heads, but I am almost 100% positive that your IP Address is a post war number.

  2. floyd r turbo

    My ip address is right off the master bedroom. Well, I also have one down the hall.

  3. Garry

    R U sure that ip doesn’t mean tipsy for Siri to call you a cab?
    All your devices that your router services have individual ip addresses.

    • Brett Fecho

      Thanks that does the engine is post war and the hull is 1940