Perfect fit!

Remember those red original cushions we featured last week? Well fellow Woody Boater Bob Schoepe “shcooped” them up and Bingo! They fit his wonderful 1940 15.5 foot utility with the cushions installed. Oh heck YA! What is so cool about all this, is the color and texture of Original is almost impossible to replicate without Original material to feel touch and well. Well.. Okay, maybe that’s all you do with them. I personally like to just sit with it, and “feel” their energy. I talk to them, ask them questions.

That red is perfect! The seat backs will be redone, and yes the labels are on the inside.

Mostly what I hear back though isn’t much. Mostly about the times Aunt Gertude had to much of her own meatloaf  and well, lets just say, well.. Okay, She farted up a storm and well how the cushions had to take it without ripping, She kept blaming it on the dog, so the poor dog was banished from the boat, but the cushions knew the truth… me and the cushions would have a great laugh.

From the original story

Date 1940

Bob and I have also talked and he is going to try and match the color and texture for the seat backs.  Thanks Bob, and Bobs Cushions for the fun story today.

Bobs Beauty! I love seeing this and the use of the original cushions.

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8 Responses to “If Bob’s Original Cushions Could Talk!”
  1. m-fine

    Nice to see you were able to help those orphaned cushions find a forever home!

  2. floyd r turbo

    Its funny how the seat cushions in the second shot match the seat backs better than in the first shot where they are bright bright red and the seat back seems darker. The sun (or lighting in general) makes it difficult to select or decide on color choice if pictures are all you have to go by.

    • Bob Schoepe

      Ok, so the seat throw cushions are 1940. The maroon back cushions are marine leather from the restoration the previous owner Nate did a few years back. Restoration done by Macatawa Bay Boat Works.

  3. Steve Anderson in MI

    They fit perfectly. When you find a close matching material, please share with us what it is!

    Also, the cushions were made to the CG standards of 1940, which probably only updated every 5-10 years, so it was likely from some time after 1940.