Note, Dorian should be out to see by Saturday!

We have gotten a bunch of emails from folks around the country regarding that Bee-atch Dorian and how she is thinking of crashing our little show in Reedville. For the record, she is not welcome. And our little town of Reedville is about the most welcoming place on earth. Hell, we welcomed the northern armies during the Civil War. So much so they decided to stay and build the town around fishing. Yup, the town looks like a New England Town from the late 1800’s. Even some of the brick in the stack is from New England!

The Museum Lawn

Beautiful turn of the century captains homes on the water

Also for sale! Or stay there as a Band B – We know a realtor. HERE

BTW Hurricanes are nothing new here. And we all know, the weather after a hurricane is always spectacular. So Saturday should be a beauitul day, and with Ron Moody and the Centairs playing at night indoors, it’s an all day event. Get your tickets now. HERE.

The Stack has weathered over a century of bad and glorious weather

So as of right now, we are a go! But stay tuned, cause Dorian has some wicked A.D.D. and is all over the place.

The poster

The Shirt

The Pooch!

The..the…Eagle has landed

Bring your little friend!

Dress as you like

Bring your other half!

Vintage Cruisers all around town parked in back yards..

Tour the Butler Railway that’s been in operation for decades

It’s a wonderful area to go boating, heck if you like you can go all the way to Europe!

Try Suzy’s Crab Fritters at The Crazy Crab! Yes, the Boatress has a meal named after her. Hey she lobbied to have it on the full time menu. So order up!

The layout

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7 Responses to “Sorry Dorian, You Are So NOT Invited To The Reedville Show This Saturday.”
    • mahoganymadness

      Don’t have crab fritters in Algonac but I hear they serve-up a pretty good muskrat…..not trying it though

  1. m-fine

    Seems like your u will either be in a rain band and get soaked, or in the sunny beautiful area where all the moisture has been sucked away. Hopefully it is the second one!

    Best wishes to all the Woodyboaters in the Carolinas. Stay safe!

  2. Matt

    ya never know around here. The storm will be out in the atlantic. A crab fritter is fresh crab meat mixed in with a mix, like a fritter material, corn with a spice sace. Mmmm Its goood!

  3. Frank@Falmouth

    See Ya at Reedville this weekend! It really is a gem down on the Northern Neck of Virginia. Too much going on to drag a boat down there, but that just means I can bring another back! Or other goodies from the swap meet…

  4. Tuobanur

    Weathering the storm right now, it’s beating the hell out of us here in Summerville, SC as I speak.

  5. Allen Willey

    I need a 2X Reedville shirt will they be on your clothing site……have a great weekend. We’re doing Michigan Inland Waterway. Indian River MI.