Breath in!

Today we are going to experience the calm power of times stillness. We can thank the great guys at Ramsey Bros in Ohio for sharing a wonderful estate purchase from a customer to gently preserve an amazing time capsule Lyman outboard. There is something very special about time stood still. Not restored or rebuilt.

Breath out

Not sure why it’s this way, but the spirit of the soul of the boat is still alive, and on some sort of existential level we feel it. Heck, I can feel it though the megapixels. And so do the Ramsey Bros. They get it and are living it.


So take a deep breath, and embrace your “Chi” and just let yourself feel the now. The time, and perfection of times wash of love.


Okay, now breath out.. Feel the inner piece of aged varnish was all through your stress. It is Friday and you have two days of inner peace ahead. Time to go out there and enjoy, your now moment. You may now breath in.. Feel it?

You could never replicate this. Its perfect. You can feel it. The dust particles hold the spirit.


A fire extinguisher that lights the fire of passion! OH! YA

Sticker lust!

Really? you feel it. Can I have an AMEN!


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13 Responses to “Time Capsule Lyman From Ohhhhhhh-io!”
  1. Captain Nemo

    I dig the old Colombian depth sounder. So, Ohio rocked you for an outboard motor registration?

  2. Mark in da U P

    Man did that bring back memories. Growing up in Ohio, all that was familiar. The motor tags, liscenes every year on the back of the boat. A friend of my Dads kept all of his old outboard tags on the wall in his garage. He was a master at getting them off without damaging them. Lyman lapstreak love! keep it alive. Cameron is that pic from Venice?

    • Cameron

      Yes, Mark, I think so, a friend of mine is on holiday in the area and sent it to me.

  3. Dzve Nau

    Last year Ohio reqired outboard motors to be registered was 1979, 10HP or more. Now just the boat.

    Brings back the memories. I’ve got a little 1960 10HP Johnson with a bunch of those Ohio outboard stickers on it. My dad was fussy and always removed then threw away the old sticker before putting on a new one on the boat and motor.

  4. Dave Ramsey

    Thanks, Matt! No more outboard registrations: Ohio, in their infinite wisdom, now requires a title for any outboard over 10hp.

  5. RH In Indy

    When I peeled the ½” stack of stickers (on the corner of the windshield) from my ‘60 Cavalier, the one that remained is an orange ‘71 Michigan tag. I’m sure I’ll be pulled over as it will certainly confuse our COs here.
    As many of us are facing winterization soon, thank you for stopping time today.

  6. tom

    Was the metal tag dated 1962 the precurser to the stickers? Or is that perhaps the first tag?What year is the boat?

    • Riggsy

      Ohio did use metal tags early on for outboard motors. Here’s one on a 1953 Mercury that I own, registered in 1954. I’d assume this is the original tag.

  7. RH In Indy

    Nice to see the original fire extinguisher bracket under the dash. The correct brand and year extinguisher can probably be found on eBay. I found mine there.

  8. RiverRat

    Well now you have hit my main nerve. Need more pictures before I can get my reference point going. That windshield looks off for a hull that looks pre 1961. Plus it has cover boards aft on either side of the splash tray around the outboard. 16 footer?
    Constant Lyman Love.

    • Dave Ramsey

      It is a 16.5-footer. I’ve understood that many of the outboard Lymans were shipped to dealers without hardware or engines, just bare hulls. The dealers would install Perko, Wilcox-Crittenden, Attwood, whatever they stocked, as well as whatever engines they dealt. Hence the Taylor-made windshield (Lyman offered a wooden windshield as an option) and abundance of accessories. The hull/decking is stock but someone long ago modified the rear bench seat to make two benches on either side.