Not sure if this is politically correct anymore? Is she now a Native American? I am so confused

The shop truck, my fun 1958 Chevy Pickup was due a good cleaning, and since it was foggy and windy, I took the time to go at it. Just music, and cleaning. It’s kinda strange how something like that can be so calming. Especially with my old friend big Bubba, who has been in our family for some 25 years.

Cleaning and touching up

All 1958 down to the inspection sticker

Matches the plate! Legal? No, Cool, Yes!

She is painted with AWGRIP and can handle any load of lumber or trash to the dump. Always starts and drives like a dream with her Three on the tree.

Date Night in Big Bubba!

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23 Responses to “Big Bubba Gets Cleaned! Once A Year Is Enough”
  1. Tuobanur

    Nice ride, I just bought a set of hub caps just like like yours for my 56 Handyman

  2. Matt

    Yup, these are not correct. I have a set of the 58’s NOS but they need clips. UGH, New wheels and so on!

  3. Scott K

    My 56 F100 Big Window. Makes me happy to go for a drive to nowhere or just putz on it in the shop……if it could only tow a boat.

  4. Mike D

    How do those older trucks handle towing (and more importantly) stopping with an age appropriate woody?

  5. Mark in da U P

    Since we are talking land toys, here is mine. Have not had much time to drive it this summer. Too busy boating. Plan to remedy that this fall.