These are words that I wonder have ever been said, written or read before. It’s like saying, Wow, thats a really cool shovel you got there. Wait, no, thats even more realistic. Dang, have we found the most boring thing ever yet is cool? Which that of course could get you caught up in a mental loop for hours. But you got to admit it, this is one cool gas can. See?

It even has some markings so you can be sure of the amount of additive. Cool? Ugh?

I mean its cool beyond just the cool stickers. The pour spout is cool, the way it loops.

So there ya have it. Your mind has been expanded today. And you thought you had seen it all.

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11 Responses to “Very Cool Gas Can! What? Yup! I Said It. A Very Cool Gas Can!”
  1. Jamie Taylor

    I agree, it’s cool! All metal can with a great graphic. I have a couple metal buckets, I just like the feel.

  2. Todd C

    Very cool AND 100% made in the USA then and now in Wellsburge, West Virginia. Intangible coolness. Quality, function and great design.

  3. Jim Staib

    And no safety cap!
    When did “Made in USA” start getting advertised? Under the word Marine it says “Made in USA” in small letters.

  4. Matt

    AHHHHHHHH! What the hell!!!!!! That blows my can up! YA I said that..

  5. Les Best

    AND you can pour the gas without screwing with the damn safety spout that spills more than the old one ever did!!

  6. Dave

    Speaking of gas tanks, I picked up a reel-type lawn mower several years ago when I noticed it perched on top of a stack of wood pallets with a $20 for sale sign. Built during the 1930’s, the gas tank announced “ EVINRUDE LAWN-BOY POWER MOWER. It has a single cyl. Briggs-Stratton engine. This was a period of transitions involving Evinrude, OMC, Sears, Lawn Boy, “Roto-Flo Power Motors” (RPM), and others.

  7. Mike

    I believe the additive measure device is for 2 stroke oil with a choice of measures for various fuel/oil ratios. This would be a spare can of pre-mix fuel for Evinrudes to refill the main fuel tank attached to the motor? Totally guessing here!

  8. George Emmanuel

    So nice to see a reference to outboards on WB! At Lake Shipp, Winter Haven Florida, we’ll (Florida Chapter AOMCI) be celebrating 110 years of Evinrude the weekend of November 15, 16 with Dennis Evinrude as our guest speaker at the Friday night banquet.