Says it all! Family Fun and Fishn

A huge thanks to Bob Kays and Allen Makin and family for sharing a wonderful heart warming story from Lake Hopatcong. Trust me, it will renew any little bit of bitter faith you have left in humanity to know that such goodness is still strong in us all.

Life is good

Hi Matt, these are some pictures from our day out on the lake Sunday, the fishing reel was my grandfathers that I found in a box of tools he gave me it was seized so I soaked it in pb blaster and she was free as a bird threw some line on it and it was good to go!


Waiting in classic style

True joy!

The big catch of the day

Sometimes ya just gotta sit it out and drink!

Memories and magic

Timeless treasures

The whole idea of the trip was to catch one fish with the rod and it came true. (Holly did catch the most fish) and p.s we’re keeping the boat in the water until it snows!

Bob Kays was able to capture the moment as well

WOW like out of a film. whats the name of that film? On Golden lake? No.. On holden Lake? No.. It’ll come to me

Allen, dear, there is some guy with a camera taking pictures of us? Allen, tell him to stop. Don’t worry dear they wont be on the internet.

What a great family photo and a huge gift to us all. Thank to the Makin’s and Kays for the timeless joy and reminder of the good in the world, and family!

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15 Responses to “Gone Fish’n Woody Boater Style”
  1. Troy in ANE


    Looks like Lake Hopatcong has a good selection of Tiger Trout.

  2. Floyd r turbo

    That was the boathouse find U22 that needed transom refinish/repair a while back and already had a new 5200 bottom and 302 V8 repower. And he kept that interesting shift mechanism on the dash. Nice catch all the way around.

  3. Greg Lewandowski

    Great story and great photos. The WB lifestyle at its finest. I really like Allen’s grandfathers reel being put back in use.
    Although I am not a fisherman, I relish the memories of taking my girls and their friends fishing when the were young. I have kept all of my families fishing gear. One of my favorites is the box of hand made lures my Grandpa made back in the day. He also made the box that they are in!

  4. Bilge Rat

    Family fishing on a wood boat. My kids still remember fishing outings when they were kids on our Sportsman. Now that they’re in their late 30’s- early 40’s, they still enjoy those outings on our bigger Lyman and the grand kids come along. These are the times you need to treasure always.

  5. Patrick L.W.

    Sportsman’s and skiffs should smell like fish and varnish to place in shows…

  6. Troy in ANE

    As much as I appreciate Allen for joining the Board of Directors of The Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club when I was president I personally believe that time spent like this is far more important for a young family man.
    Let the empty nesters and retirees run the clubs while family men take care of and spend time with their families.

    • Dave

      You would seemingly be surprised to learn of the many empty nesters, retirees, old people, who spend a good deal of time with their grown children and grandchildren aboard boats during the year. One isn’t “far more important” than the other….in my opinion.

  7. Tom McGowan

    Great story and pictures of October boating. Thanks to Alan, Bob, the star fisher folk and the lake.

  8. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    A young family out enjoying their wooden boat. Is there anything better!

  9. Captain Nemo

    It’s good to see a Sportsman being used for it’s intended purpose. Nice story.

  10. Craig A. McIntosh

    …just made my day – soo cool! the kids will remember that day in the wood boat fishing with mom & dad.