Is there a difference?

The other day I was talking to someone and the topic of woody boater came up. I wonder how that happened? Anyway, I found myself explaining the difference between Wooden Boats, as in the Magazine and category, and Woody Boats, or Classic Boats. Which can also be a bit narrow. Since there is classic designed boats that wouldn’t be in the classic boat universe. Confused? Ya, they were too.

Our crab skiff is a wood boat first

What is the difference? Well, non really. Except I think it may have to do with production and GASP. Marketing. Yup. Brand names, and despite what you would tell a researcher, brand names do carry some weight some place in your varnish destroyed brain.

These Woody Chris Craft models made the brand desirable in a timeless way

Not advertising by the way. In many cases it could be as simple as when you were 10 you saw a Chris Craft and thought. What in the hell is that! And 50 years later you are googleing old boats and find us, or others and think. Oh!

Classic goodness at the Watson Dock

I recall someone telling me they used to lust after Shepards.. INSERT JOKE HERE… Anyway, back out of the gutter. They knew those were the best on the lake.

1953-shepherd-Nauti-Ewe. photo Julie Bullen

For me its the entire culture our Woody Boats inahbit, or inhabet them. The grains of poris wood soak up all that goodness. THe weekends on the lake, the babes waving in advertising. All of it has been… Ready… Branded in my brain, and hopefully will never fade. Thats the difference to me. A Wood Boat is just a boat made of Wood, The only real charm in the paint, varnish and ride. Okay thats three things. But on a WoodyBoat you have all those things, and history, speed, sex appeal, design, and the entire gestalt of it all. I think I spelled that right. And I even know what it means.

THese cool launches are kinda a cross over

Just because its wood… Well.

But we can live together in fun ways

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23 Responses to “Is There A Difference Between A Woody Boat And A Wooden Boat?”
  1. Dan T

    You CAN own a wooden boat without being a Woody Boater, but you probably shouldn’t.

  2. Troy in ANE

    Since we are including the ACPS (Antique and Classic Pontoon Association) I saw a few prime examples this summer.

    This one even has a paddle boat dinghy. Would that be the ACPBS?

    • Troy in ANE

      Of course we can’t forget the very limited edition Red Neck Lawn Chair Model.

    • Jim the Lurker

      Hello Jim…Well I guess I failed my entrance exam into Woody Boater 101—Where is that ?

        • tparsons56

          FYI This picture would have been taken during the summer when the people staying at the marina are allowed to park their cars in the building. During the winter this building is packed full of boats. It’s amazing how they can get so many 30′ to 60′ boats into the building and space them about 4-6″ from each other.

    • mahoganymadness

      If you know where this one is now your a classic woody boater….

  3. Cameron

    Funny, the header photo had me all excited expecting the long awaited Cobra restoration…..?

  4. m-fine

    That pontoon should be the new WoodyBoater Mobile HQ. instead of a tent on land at Tavares, you could have a vending barge on one of the new docks!

  5. Jim V

    That e-trade ad rocks. Love dogs and woodies. But together?? BOW WOW!!

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    Is this a woody boat? A wooden boat, or a party barge? No matter what I think that it would be enjoyed!

  7. Jim Holler

    The inside of the Richardson Boat company (North Tonawanda, NY) looked very similar to the 2nd factory photo

  8. Briant

    With all due respect Jim, not all Woody Boater boats were spit out of a factory in Algonac.

    Ours was built by two brothers in a warehouse in Portland in 1929….

    • tom

      Right on,Briant,the more I read Woodyboater, the more it SMELLS like a Chris Craft clique.

  9. don danenberg

    WHoops.., People are addressing reality here;

    Yeah, lottsa learning going on!