It’s a little rough. One too many times hitting the tub wall

You know I love a Higgins speed boat, and the other day found this little barn/box find on ebay. I couldn’t resist. To me its more fun restoring one that has been built than building one new. Its a Zen thing. I feel and respect the time it was designed and built. My job is to preserve and finish or refinish the boat.

Has a color interior issue and windshield situation.

But she has all her original wood

I wonder if there is a ACBS category for best preserved models? No, not talking about botox facelifts on 70 year old models. Boat Models. Like wood ones. Anyway, looks like I will need to find some scopps and hardware. And this model had a gas engine. But I like the idea of building a box where one of my little engines can go. Maybe.

I love the original tape dispenser. Ya.. Think zipper.

Box O Scraps

Love the box.

So I suppose my little barn is full again and Lil Stinky will have a Higgins pal to hang around with.

Lil Stinky being flipped

Lil Stinky Sanded

Finished. Waiting for her Lil sis Higgins

I wonder if this is like being a serial killer. Are these little boats my small animals I am gonna bury under the house?

I wont touch her original lettering decal. Thats pure gold

And what about a 25 Sportsman Model. What gives with that? i have thought of ripping apart a U22 one? But wondering if they ever made a 25 Sportsman? IF YOU WANT TO READ MORE ABOUT LIL STINKY HERE IS THE ORIGINAL STORY!


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7 Responses to “I Picked Up A Little Higgins To Restore This Winter”
  1. Steve in the woods

    “You can spend all your time making money; or you can spend all your money making time”.

  2. Bilge Rat

    Maybe your toy K engine will fit. Not original, but a period correct re-power.

  3. Mark

    You can buy a modern plastic runabout model boat in a box and get your “scopps” and even a plastic engine that looks like a flathead.

    I built one with my grandson and he thought it was really cool.

  4. john

    Perhaps making you Sportsman look like a toy? nobody messes with a boat having a rocket mounted to the gunnel

    Engine box clear cover is very cool as well. Though “chrome” plated life raft might be too much bling

  5. Reddog

    Send it to Katz’s and he can fix the damaged nose like Cobra nose. Neat little project. Good luck.