Don’t give up the ship Ken!

I saw this Dream Boat listed on Ebay, and for some reason thought of an entire story line around it. I mean, why would they sell? In fact, it appears they have separated and decided to be listed separately? Wow, nothing is as it seems these days.

Post war, mid 70’s! Love the chain link.. Its a metaphor of a trapped marriage

Maybe Ken cheated on Barbie with a new younger Barbie? Maybe there was some sort of scandal? Did Ken get too personal with Betsy-Wetsy? HEY! There goes what’s left of your childhood!

Maybe Barbie is sick of Kens crap? All he does is sit around and does nothing. She has evolved into a modern woman, and Ken just aint intellectually challenging anymore. Is there a new smarter Ken in her life?  Professor Kennith?

Thats the ship!

Maybe the boat came between them. The cost of closet storage may have put the end of it all. The sad obsolete Chris Craft just couldn’t keep up with new RC boats. Just sitting on the shelf was not kind to the once Dream Boat.

Little Sisters of the Wicker Sisters

Maybe Ken will be able to stay with the boat, have a hang out, never clean it up and live on TV dinners and microwave popcorn and die an early tragic death because he had one too many and fell off the shelf. Leaving Barbie sad and remembering the good times when they each loved one another and their dream boat.

Her legs look a little rough.


All set for a fight, or flap jacks and …BACON!

You may want to store the boat in the garage for a while. So they can work out there issues. After all the frying pan is still there. And that could be used as a weapon? Wow.. This got dark… FAST! PLEASE SAVE THEM HERE ON EBAY

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21 Responses to “Barbie And Ken Are Selling Their Boat. Is This The End Of A Beautiful Relationship?”
  1. Texx

    Has Barbie been drinkin’ again? Looks like a bottle of gin in the header shot. And now she’s taken up smoking too. I think that old boat had taken a toll on old Barbie.

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    Maybe Barbie started fooling around with Chumlee after yesterday’s story. Betsy Wetsy? Where do you find this stuff!

    • Thomas Curran

      Now thats hysterical. Kinda like craft beer now..alot of them have grapefruit in thats

  3. Troy in ANE

    From what I have seen I think Barbie is into a faster pace of life.

    She has died her hair, switched teams, and come out of the closet.

    The National Inquirer quoted: “I never felt like I was being true to herself when I was with Ken.”

  4. Floyd r turbo

    Barbie has a lot of nice things for a girl whose knees don’t bend, just sayin’.

  5. Mike Stevens

    Barbie just learned what Ken has spent on the boat! Lucky he’s still alive….

  6. Dick Dow

    Actually, that isn’t even Barbie – she put the boat up for sale along with the new girl… Barbie has moved on. 😉

  7. briant

    Looks like Barbie and Ken’s failing relationship is simply due to them realizing that their CC cruiser won’t even fetch $2500 on Ebay.

  8. Matt

    And just to get today even stranger.. YUP! Thought this string of comments had ended?

    • floyd r turbo

      Can I get those 10 minutes of my life back please? What a freak show. How many woody’s could one buy with all the surgeries he’s (?) paid for?

  9. Matt

    FOR THE RECORD, today we officially jumped the shark! YUP. We will be back tomorrow with less Reality based programing. Stay tuned. No one will be hurt, or naked. Unless Troy joins in

    • m-fine

      As long as they got hurt or naked on a non-Chris-Craft wooden runabout I think the peanut gallery would approve.