Cruising ebay again as the temp drops. I gotta get in my classic boat fix one way or another. This 20′ Riviera is a beautiful boat for sure. I always say that the Riviera styling is the most iconic look. And a 20 is amazing. But for 19K with a 5200 bottom?

Could be a very good deal, or a good deal of work.

Well if you read a little closer, it did have some damage, and in there lies the test of price. I am sure many of you have an opinion. So today, I shall let thy peanut gallery decide. And or, someone looking for a project and knows what to look for, might just have found a perfect boat. And Happy Header Day!  You know what to do


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12 Responses to “Rare Riviera, Damaged But Worthy. Aren’t We All Though?”
  1. Brian

    Why spend $19,000 on a classic when you can buy a pontoon for $75k+? ‘Nuff said?

  2. Jim Staib

    I’d put a quarter in a gumball machine and gamble at what I get but $19,995? knowing it was in salt water. Not me.

  3. Captain Nemo

    No pictures representing the damage at all? Six pictures of a boat covered under a tarp isn’t helpful either.

  4. Frank@Falmouth

    He couldnt uncover the boat to show the “damage”?!
    The hull numbers of the 20′ started at R20-501 in 1950. I have R20515 that was my first wood boat, but unfortunatly it still sits awaiting refinishing with its original bottom and wood.

    If the 5200 bottom was done right thats $20k right there..Rebuilt engine and all the hardware, …. hmmm NOPE! dont need another project for my collection,…I already have twin 1957 CC 17′ Sportsman Utilities… 🙂

  5. RH In Indy

    If I want to boat on Saturday, I usually start taking the cover off on Wednesday. Takes awhile. Totally understand.

  6. John Rothert

    great marketing pitch….didn’t even bother to take the tarp off??

    I’ll pass….

    John in Va

  7. Matt

    I wonder if this being sold cause it was totaled by insurance and they don’t want to pay storage anymore. Seems like if you want a 20 riviera and know it’s gonna need some work. Here is one and I bet it’s very very negotiable. Or will be.

  8. Johnny V./John Vyverberg

    Marketing genius at work………………..who wants to guess what’s under the tarp?

  9. Dave Juergens

    Lots of contradictions in the description. Why is the hull damaged? Frozen water damaged the frames. Interior is in great shape. How can that be? Middleman ugh!!!

  10. John Rothert

    Matt could be on to something about the insurance write off…?
    One of us out that way need to stick his head and camera under that tarp and post.

    John in VA.