Gotta love an original plug

Wondering what this could be attached too? You really want to click on the read more link don’t you. Yes this is click bait, come on.. you just have to click it ya

BAM! I was lucky enough on ebay at 6AM to snap this up. From a collection in PA. Had lots of dust.

Metal box, chain pull!

Insane cool frame made of that gold anodized aluminum. The sign is glass, with some sort of decal. Very clean, and appears to not have been outside.

The back is that Masonite type board. I always hated that crap!

I met the seller yesterday morning in Front Royal so it didnt have to be shipped. It felt like a drug deal in the McDonalds parking lot at 6AM

You got the stuff? Ya, in the Mini Van!

In the back of the car. Slow ride home!

So what year is it? By the sign frame I am thinking later 50’s or very early 60’s. That Gold stuff was quite the item then. Also the art seems to be stretched to fit. Normally I would stop right there. manufacturers do not do this. NO WAY…

But my guess is it was done by a local sign maker for a marina using art provided. And local sign shops are famous for that stretch or compress crap. It’s all to real to be anything other than the real deal. No fake rust or other crap. Plus the glass is old. The rip off ones type is not as perfect. The printing on the class is perfect. No strange modern fonts.. All correct.  just am trying to figure out the age. When did Chris Craft stop making kits?

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15 Responses to “Let’s Play, What’s That Old Cord Attached Too!”
  1. Johnny V./John Vyverberg

    I’m thinking around ’57-’58 for the larger boats although they probably kept the smaller boats like the pram for a few more years.

    Very cool find BTW!

    • m-fine

      I don’t think they were singing about the safe transportation of antique signage.

  2. Kelly Wittenauer

    Have you been to the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati? Think you would really enjoy it & the docent there is a wealth of info on sign history.

  3. Frank@Falmouth

    Very COOL! I love these types of finds….and the acquisition.. and have done the same early morning meet ups in parking lots handing over wads of cash for a great find… feeling like Im doing something wrong or the feds are gonna come screetching into the parking lot to bust us! I usually have to make up a story about what and where I have to be so early in the morning to the girlfriend and the curb my excitement as I bring in a new thing to hang in the house…. errr I mean boat building….”I was just testing it out hanging it in the kitchen”… GOOD stuff… (might want to replace the cord with a proper 3 prong grounded one and put on a surge protector if you leave it on and unattended in the boat barn….)

  4. Bilge Rat

    Non-polarized, non-grounded AC power plug would make it prior to the early 1970’s. That cord looks a bit moldy and brittle, might be time for modern power (ha, ha)!

  5. Jim "the Lurker"

    What’s a boat “kit”? Do they supply the wood & then you assemble the boat???

    • Troy in ANE

      Yes, boat kits had / have plans and wood (often pre cut) for the do it your self-er to assemble. Once done you were / are the proud owner of a “kit boat”.

      Recently I have seen this with aluminum boat kits that need to be welded together. Sometimes the welding jobs are less than professional.

  6. Mike K

    No wonder why the cow story was up at 4am my time
    Thought something was up

  7. Floyd r turbo

    That cow cushion story was a diversionary tactic to keep bidders from discovering the sign and bidding it up. Well done sir.

  8. George Burgess

    The information that I have says that the Algonac Kit Boat Program was discontinued in 1959. My source is Ray LaParl a Chris Craft employee.

  9. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    This is the second time I have heard Foghat on WB. Once again it amazes me, but I enjoy it. One of my other hobbies/passions is collecting vintage Beer signs. This sign is made like some of my signs. I am thinking mid 50s. Very cool find Matt, display it proudly.