I am go conflicted here. Is that his Ma, Her Ma? What the hell?

Well, first let me state that the term Babe, was not originated by me. And to dig into this, I did look up is the term ‘Babe” offensive. And the bottom line is Yes and No. HA. WTH? According to the internet, which of course is the modern Miss Manners.

Anyway, it all has to do with context. A man can be a babe. But in our situation we are referencing the time and reason the photos were taken. Clearly photos of my Babe. So shut the hell up about being offensive. It’s offensive that you are offended. Yikes, that hit a nerve. Anyway. Enjoy Babeday!

Happy Bow Babe

Mom Babe with Babe Babe.

Hollywood promo babe

Just take the dam photo Babe.

New Boat? Family Babes

Ya, that looks comfortable!

Crinkle cut photo Babe,

1920’s Babes.

Classic Babe

Posing with a fishing rod babe

Bundled up Babes.

Uncle Morty Babe. Hey! He is someones babe

This photo is amazing. love the color, and her fashion style. A true non Babe, that isnt posing as a Babe, she is just beutiful and clearly there because she was asked to be there, not posing.

Hulda babe. sitting on a Hull .. DUH!

Row Boat Babe. Kinda dig that plaid bathing suite and glasses.

Have a Babe Day! It’s Friday, get out there. Too the barn, Garage, Shed, whatever ya got to love on your true Babe.

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17 Responses to “Babes. Just Babes. BW Babes, Slide Babes, Babes With Babes. It’s A Babeday!”
  1. Troy in ANE

    Looks like two of your Babe’s must be sisters.
    Ms Comfortable and Ms Classic Babe are on the same railing with the same skiff in the background.

    Might as well add more Babe’s while I am at it.

  2. John Rothert

    Yuk, that one of the babe fishing over the side……the dweeb with her??? Hold crap….the hat…the shorts…the horror…..

    John in Va

  3. David McMillan

    My compliments to courageous editor of WoodyBoater
    ‘Babe Day’ across multiple decades and ‘genres’ of Woody Babes is just what I needed. Happy Friday & Keep up the good work!

  4. Briant

    Ya know, not to be offensive or anything, but what the hell was up with the bathing suits of yesteryear? Take that shot of the “take the damn photo babe”….in the age of near Puritanical BS….why was it that suits looked exactly like control type under wear???? Nobody wanted to view or be considered to be a whore in a bikini, so they all paraded about in their skivies with the tops often looking like they stole the nose cone off of a titan missle?

    And since we are all being offensive this morning…..ahem…..”That is one lucky bit of fence railing.”

  5. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Loved “fishing rod babe” she just stood out. I thought Basic Boating Babe would reappear. You are probably saving her for another occasion. Well done Matt.

    • Mark again

      Now that I have studied the babes more. I would like to see crinkle cut babe cranking on that Johnson in the pic.

  6. Moe Howard

    Did ya hear about the babe that went fishing with a bunch of guys?…She came back with a red snapper.

  7. floyd r turbo

    My mother sitting on the bow back around 1957 on my grandfather’s Cruis-Along on Frye Island Cove, Sebago Lake, Maine. She’s now 88.