We spent all night decorating the tree!

Welcome, come on in and grab a cocktail, and shrimp. Mfine is doing some bacon is in the smoker and Zip is out back in the car port having a smoke with his brother Len who lives in Omaha. Hey. It is what it is.

Zip and Len talking about old times. Like the time Len ripped the face off his caretaker. Dont judge…

We have plenty of dock space

We set up a pool indoors for you crazy swingers

The bar is open

The folks at the Antique Boat Museum sent us a wonder set of trees

We invited Larry and some others we all miss now.

And low and behold. Larry Made it.

Grab a cocktail


Lilly is mixing up another batch!

We have been grilling up some Chicken On A Stick!

Bridget Bardot brought a wonderful tree and a stray dog.

Don’t eat the Sushi. Been sitting out for a while.

Hold on. Crocket and Tubbs are here. Now its gonna get real.

Darla is here and just posing. Which if no one complains about is just fine with me.

Jims Grandma is here, I swear she doesnt look a day older.

So.. We invited In Sync, they couldn’t make it. And so then we tried the Back Street Boys. Nope. But we did get this Korean Boy Back. The Kim Kids. Hey.. It’s music. Free Music. Sadly they will all be sent to a Work Camp when they return. But enjoy now.

Oh boy! Listen, I gotta step away from the computer for a sec. We hope you all enjoy the party. I will be right back.



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78 Responses to “Woohooo, It’s The 2019 Woody Boater Annual Virtual Holiday Party. Come On In.”
  1. RiverRat

    Yea PARTY!!!!! I am going to load up and take a long virtual boat ride. Then I am going to the real boat and hug her. Party on Garth!

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    The Michigan gang just pulled in and we are getting tied up. We brought a couple cases of Bells and some Dearborn sausage. Somebody come down to the dock and show us how to get to the party!

  3. Troy in ANE


    Some of us are trying to sleep off the Pre-Party!
    If you missed it click on yesterdays story and you will catch some of the highlights.

  4. Ronald

    Merry Christmas to everyone from southern Kentucky, We are bringing some hickory smoked fresh turkey,local cheese and some good KY. bourbon. What a party this will be today in Woodyboaterville.

    • Kentucky Wonder

      I’m helping Ronald load up the bourbon. Knob Creek Single Barrel, 120 proof. Good stuff! (We’re saving the Maker’s Mark for Derby Day)

      My first toast goes to Santa Staib.

  5. tparsons56

    Merry Christmas from Michigan where the boats are all tucked away for a long winters’ nap with visions of new parts coming from Santa “Staib” pulled by his trusty steed “Jaxon”.

    Can someone from PA bring some Yuengling to the party? We can’t get it here.

  6. m-fine

    Bacon is almost ready.

    Is it me, or has Lilly the bartender not aged a minute over the last decade?

  7. Shep 22

    Matt, Merry Christmas to you and your family and thanks for all the work you do all year.

  8. John Rothert

    Merry Christmas to all! I just wish I was that stray Dog with Bridgette……hell, I would be a lap dog for Bridgette…..I may have a chance since Troy is not old enough to know who Bardot even is….

    I can be designated driver for any and all…..be careful and All the Best to All the Rest.

    John in Va.

  9. Rick

    Working on the varnish moonshine. Still tweeking the recipe. Here is my 21 yo helper after sampling the 1st run. Should have this straightened out but lunchtime for the party.

  10. sproggy

    Merry Christmas from a long-term lurker in the UK…..although I can’t have been that good at lurking because someone noticed and sent me an invitation. Been hanging around outside for hours waiting for Troy to arrive with his cousins but I guess they’re still recovering from the pre-party?

    Thanks, Matt, for the daily injection of woodiness.

  11. Terry

    I’m setting on the aft deck enjoying my spiked coffee. It’s a windy, sunny warm day here on the Halifax river in Daytona Beach. Cheers everyone.

  12. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Since most water is hard now in the U P. We are loading up our sleigh and heading out.

  13. Mark again

    Almost forgot! I’m bringing Miss Budweiser. I think everyone will like her!

  14. WCHA

    The U P chapter of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association is on there way. They are bringing fresh fish and more Beer.

    • Bill

      wooden canoe heritage association from the U.P. should be advertising Bosh beer made in Houghton back in the 60s I drank my share of that stuff

  15. warren

    Did someone say bring the Yeungling? One must hydrate when building a boat in Fla

  16. Dennis Mykols

    Merry Christmas to all my Woody Boater friends.
    Have a great wet 2020, My friend and I will bring some holiday spirits.
    see ya all in Taraves, in March

  17. Ollon

    Merry Christmas from the Left Coast. Were on our way. Come join the parade

  18. Troy in ANE

    These girls are asking “Where’s Chad? We have a gift for him!”

  19. Carla

    What a group attending the festivities! Is it considered crashing the party when someone “on the cusp” shows up? I will see everyone in 2020..Sunnyland, I love everything about this show. God bless and happiest of holidays to each and every one of my fellow boaters.🌲🎉🍷

    • Greg Lewandowski

      Great to hear from you Carla!
      Merry Christmas from the Michigan gang!

    • Troy in ANE

      HI CARLA!

      Can you pick out all your WoodyBoater friends?

      There’s Matt, M-Fine, Greg L, Chad, John in VA, Texx, Hamster, Mark, Terry, Bob, Jim, and of course yours truly.

      If you have any questions I am sure WoodyGal can help you identify us all.

      • WoodyGal

        Hmmm, I don’t know Carla, none of these guys look familiar? Let me get my glasses…

  20. Duster in NZ

    just slow and steady…..one row after another …. how far did you say it was? Just coming out of Wellington harbour now.

  21. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    The party is cranking up Im bringing a friend and more beer.

  22. Club Sea Ray

    I know we are on a plastic boat. But we would like to join the party!

  23. Dick Dow

    Merry Christmas from the Pacific Northwest! Here’s to another great year of boating and friendship! 🙂

  24. MO Whaler

    I’m bringing along the Junkyard Sisters from Old Car City – – They want to visit their Florida cousins – –

  25. Rick

    Brought Turtleman with me. He’s been down since his show was cancelled like 10 years ago so I figured he needed a party.

  26. John Baas

    Merry Christmas from Dauphin Island. Afraid the ferry doesn’t go far enough to make the party. We’re skipping the snow this year. Get nuts at the party.

  27. Brian

    Such a great annual event. I’m just happy to be here. I brought some meatballs but it looks like others did too. I’ll just put them on the table over here, say hello to others (making my appearance) and slip out before this place gets out of hand. Looking forward to Matt’s post tomorrow showing hung over monkeys, trashed homes with empty beer cans strewn about, etc. Don’t worry Matt, we can all come back tomorrow and tidy up a bit. Once again, thanks for hosting! Now, let’s move this party to Sweet Pea!

  28. WoodyGal

    Glad the Ouiji board was able to get through to Larry, he’d hate to miss a party! Especially with Troys friends.
    Happy Holidays to all!

  29. Floyd r turbo

    Am I late. Got my grandfathers Cruis-Along and that little 4 cylinder is maxed out.

  30. Troy in ANE


    Look who stopped in for a visit! We haven’t seen her in years, heck she started the whole, now famous, “Sausage” thing!

    There she was just sitting off in the corner. I think Jaxon sniffed her out.

  31. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    More beer is on the way. Even though we have not realized that Strohs is no longer brewed in Mi.