Oh Bob, you are so cool.

Ya, that one? We featured it on a Sausage day and sure wanted to know more. Well HELLO ebay! Its like the Mall Of America, with just old boat stuff. Anyway, looks like some picker hit pay dirt and found this Model all done..ish..

That sucker is BIIIG

And yes 400 bucks is a tad crazy pants. But oh well. The planet has a way of informing them. Q the crickets.

Or if you have a deep hankering for this because your pop built one in the day to impress some girl. Well here it is. now you just need another person to feel the need. Such is the curse of a Reserve with a crazy high price to start.


The palns so you can restore it

Very cool hardware

I will say this flag is a tad odd for this boat, but maybe it means something less German?

Beautiful lines

On this item I would have let the buyers bid it up. Get emotionally involved. But oh well, the listing will get lost in a sad sea of 500 buck books worth 50, and crappy Xerox prints that are made to look old. UGH, sometimes I hate the world. I just want to slither into my Pj’s and go boating. I MISS SUMMER.. YOU CAN SEE THE LISTING HERE ON EBAY!!!!

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10 Responses to “Remember that Mechanix Illustrated Magazine Cover?”
  1. m-fine

    Hmmmm. I think I will pass. And,it is 9 this morning, and not a warm Canadian 9! How many days until Tavares?

    • m-fine

      We use the same thermometers in WNY as you guys in NJ. The ones they use in Canada tend to give very pessimistic numbers like 32 on a hot summer day, or 9 when it is pleasant sweater weather.

  2. Matt

    I havent been outside yet, and now I see no need to go outside. I will just sit in front of my computer and look at boat pics.. Summer boat pics..

  3. Jim (the Lurker)

    Just curious…on the magazine cover…what is she holding in her hand?

    • tom

      That’s a battery for the glow plug on the motor.Curious the way that they’ve got her holding it.Reminds me of the photos of models holding onto a stern pole.

  4. Pete

    Beautiful winter sunsets in Central Florida at 70 deg. Tree is setup waiting on Santa.
    Lots of boating so come on down.