Maybe it’s the artist in me. But this is Erotica! Oh yea.. On many levels.

Well, after some time, here we are with some beautiful photos of the Katz’s Marina Prototype Cobra. You may recall some of the drama from this past Fall. if not, just move on, if so, she is now getting her first round of build up coats. She is plugging along at Katzs Marina Speed. I will let the photos do the talking. Happy Friday!

Naked.. and topless Oh yeah

All taped up.. Dont judge!


The male version of Erotica. Hey, am I the only one here?

Oh yeah, oh yeah!


Nice aft

Ya baby, turn that way

Oh yeah, you like it up there.

I like your bungs


Oh yeah! I need a smoke!

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26 Responses to “You Asked For It. Prototype Cobra Update”
  1. Shep on Lake Shafer IN.

    Wow! That’s going to be Beautiful when finished!
    Hope to see it at the Mt Dora Show in a few months.

    Matt, How many days till the show?
    Can’t wait to get the boat back out!

  2. tparsons56

    Good timing of this update with all the posts and pictures of hot cars yesterday. Unfortunately now I can’t get The Rip Chords song “Hey Little Cobra” out of my head. Great Cobra racing video on YouTube – I just don’t know how to post it here.

  3. RH in Indy

    Spectacular! Thanks for bringing us up to speed! Looking forward to more.

  4. Mark in Ohio (today in Florida 🌴)

    Coming along nice👍 I hope these pictures do not open up a can of worms.

  5. m-fine

    Is the nose design different than the production boats? It looks less bulbous and perhaps a better fit with the other lines of the boat.

      • Matt

        HAHAHA, good one. By the way, it was a fun time at katzs when all that happened. No one was hurt. Just fun banter with pals. At least thats the way I recall it? The Prototype is true Katzs perfection to the extreme detail

        • tom

          Fun banter with pals? I recall any “negativity”being subject to censorship.

  6. Cameron

    So glad I caught this update. Sometimes a boat during restoration looks sooo gorgeous you just want to stop and leave it just like that. Most of those photos gave me that feeling.

  7. Reddog

    Are the king plank and covering boards stained yellow or is that actually blond stain that looks yellow. The boat looks super cool. They are doing a great job bringing it back to life.

  8. Steve Anderson in Michigan

    Looks familiar! Here is my ’56 Continental about a year ago.

  9. Washout

    Looks great! Look forward to seeing more. Wonder what kind of values can a prototype bring, as compared to a production?

  10. Florida Kid Too

    Beautiful work. True Industrial Art! Will it be ready for the Mount Dora Show?

  11. Nick Arnone

    It looks great. I am sure because it’s a Katz’s creation it will be perfect. However, why not redesign the bottom to ride and handle better?

    • Steve Anderson in Michigan

      Didn’t I read that someone has a Cobra with a deep V hull on it? I am curious how that would be. Sounds like a great option for the big lakes.