Over the years, we have found many new friends, and shockingly some not so friends. People for whatever reason they don’t like us. I get it, we certainly have flaws, and yes, from time to time, our sloppiness in communication may cause confusion. I get 400 emails a day, and stuff gets crazy when I am swamped. We get stories and photos that are plastered all over facebook and then the person is pissed cause we don’t publish it. We.. okay wait, I spell things like a 3 year old, and sometimes let my emotion get ahead of me.

Not sure who the Smith is? So even that came off confusing.

So now that I have cleared that out of my head.  Here are the most common insults.





For the record, Woody Floater is by fare the best. I think??? This term was coined by John K about 3 to 4 years ago. I still laugh.. I wish I knew of the others. The YOU one is how I am referred to in person at some of the ACBS Events. OH IT’S YOU, or, YES I KNOW YOU!  Which may explain why I avoid those events like the plague. I never want to be the cause of emotional pain. And yet, since I am breathing, apparently sometimes that’s just enough. HA. They say you can’t be everything to everybody. So I suppose an insult is kinda of an honor. And I do appreciate a good one for sure, But it has to be clever. And sorry, Woody Borer is well.. Just Boring. While as Woody Floater is genus. So, since we are all full of crapper jokes from yesterday, I thought this may be a fun topic for a cold day in hell.

So today can we all agree on an official insult term?

If you’re gonna piss on us, please be clever! Have a nice day!

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29 Responses to “Get Your Woody Insults Right. Please.”
  1. m-fine

    I am fairly certain all of those insults were originally coined by Joe Martell.

  2. Todd C

    People want to sea YOU do well, but not two well. Great selfie photo on the header.

  3. RiverRat

    I think that those who insult have the punishment of having to wake up everyday and be them all day. Thank you to all the fun lovers in Woodybloaterville.

  4. Rick

    There seems to be good flow on that bilge pump. Is it a Flowmax? Wouldn’t have occurred to me in my younger years.

  5. Mike VanMiddlesworth

    So the weather was so nice you put the boat back in and went for a ride? That will make you forget any insults 🙂 Keep doing what you are doing. We appreciate it.

  6. Troy in ANE

    I feel honored to be in your company!

    About the same time I too was publicly criticized on FB by John K. Unfortunately it was nothing as genius as Woody Floater. Maybe we can start a club? Could even be a chapter? The CBJK (Criticized By John K.) chapter. Sounds almost as prestigious as the Hagerty Hall of Fame.

    The thing I find most entertaining is that usually the ones being criticized are the ones giving their time and resources to try to improve our community by those not willing to do so.

    Happy Friday!

  7. KW

    What’s up with the piture of Dan Aykroyd flashing a white supprest hand jester you cant do that. ps iI have hard time keeping up with times also.

  8. Håkan in Sweden

    I’m sorry to hear your situation Matt but with all the friends here at the Woodyboater community combined with your fantastic sense of humor I guess you can cope with almost every insult there is…..almost! 🤪
    ….and I’m impressed that my emails regarding my stories actually came through! Is it because I don’t play hype Facebook? 😂

  9. John Rothert

    Water off a Duck’s Back…..Duck em if they can’t take a joke….

    I am Going Boating…..tomorrow and the weekend!!!

    John in Va.

  10. WoodenRookie

    Is it just me or should John’s tombstone read:

    I am Going Boating…..tomorrow and the weekend!!!

    John in Va.

  11. Dick Dow

    Some folks just can’t find the words to admit they are envious… 🙂

  12. Steve Anderson in Michigan

    You have far too many friends to be offended by a couple of haters! My wife’s nick name for YOU is ‘that boaty thing’. As in ‘are you reading that boaty thing again?’.

    Enjoy, and I hope to buy you a beer one day.

  13. Mike Murphy

    I’m new to the hobby and your site. I don’t understand the “inside Joke” stuff yet but I enjoy reading your post daily.

    Keep going, I’ll catch up.

  14. mahoganymadness

    from now on your Delta Tau Chi name..shall be “bilge rat tinker of the cantankerous W…..

  15. don danenberg

    Oh you Poor, Poor, Baby…,
    Are you really attacked all this time?

    Are you really insulted by being questioned about your woodyboater sainthood, before the rest of us?

  16. Floyd r turbo

    As a deacon in good standing of Madam Tinkertoys House of Bluelights and AME Church and recognizing your continued martyrdom taking it on the chin (and sometimes in the neck) in the name of WoodyBoaters everywhere, I solemnly declare you Saint Matthew of Reedsville. In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen