We are better together.

In honor of MLK day we here at woody boater reach out to all boaters out there. The Fiberglassics, The Aluminumers. The Steel hulls, Those Boats that are really cars….or is it cars that are boats…, Rubber rafts, Floating bath tubs, Pontoon boats, and yes….ugh….even Jet Ski’s… But just today on those. Happy MLK Day.

Life’s more fun with variety

Plastic and Aluminum together


Cars that are boats

In our world even Cigarettes are good for you

1960s Hydromite its an outboard but they put it in front of the driver it must turn on a dime

Heck even if you passed on to another world. You are always at home here! LARRY! Lives on!

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14 Responses to ““We May Have All Come On Different Ships, But We’re In The Same Boat Now.” Martin Luther King”
  1. Mike VanMiddlesworth

    I have a Dream that one day, I will find an old forgotten Resorter and restore her to former glory. I have a dream that one day I could afford a garage big enough for all my boats and boatresses. So that we all can live together, Glass and Wood, in peace and harmony. No matter what color gelcoat or varnish. I have a dream.

    I think Dr. King would like your tribute so I added a little to it. Hope you don’t mind.

    • floyd r turbo

      That’s awesome. My dream seems to be fading each passing year.

  2. Troy in ANE

    Thank you Matt for including ALL of us today!

    I am sure Mom will feel more welcome now since she purchased her “new to her” SeaDoo this past summer at 92 years young.

    • Troy in ANE

      Of course like most of your followers Mom also has a Woody, but since she is uncomfortable taking it out alone the SeaDoo gives her the freedom of roaming the lake and visiting friends at he leisure!

      It is definitely a valuable member of the fleet.

    • Kelly Wittenauer

      Your mom is an inspiration! Hope I do that well at 92.

      • m-fine

        I hope I am doing as well as Troy’s mom when I am 62! If I even make it that far!

  3. Briant

    Hey, wait a sec……what is bob doing with my photo?

    I wonder how many of us have this “photo” of our boats?

  4. Clay at Crosslake

    Wanted to upload my “barn (small town backyard) find” from this last November but could not make it happen. It’s a 1959 Dunphy Bluewater that is for sure floatable but I’m intending to restore first. Found it within 90 miles of its Eae Claire, WI birthplace. Joining my 74 Skiff Craft and enjoying big water, lapstrakes rule for me.