Scarlet is ready for summer

It’s Saturday and another weigh in. The good news is you don’t have to spend the time today talking about the Lbs. THe other good news.. For me, is I am down to 239. Which is around 3 lbs this past week. Slow and steady. So, back to Jimmys barn. Just bask. Thats what I did.

The Weigh In. Last week 242

A new 1961 Ski Boat with a new 350. This was a gift to jimmy from a pal. Long story, but here it is. This should be a fun kick in the gas for sure

Moonshiner. One of my favorite boats. 350 V8 – BTW, that heater uses old used oil to burn.

One of the CHEVY signs we found last spring

Sitting area

We got a bunch of these at Lake Dora.. BTW. 55 Days ish til lake Dora or 20 lbs..

Scarlet Poster in a place of fame

She is ready for summer

The 350 in the Ski Boat

New family memeber

WECATCHEM tucked away


Interior of the Ski Boat. Yes its not stock, but cool!

A Perfect Katzs marina finish

A Project getting chipped away at.

So how did your Saturday countdown go?

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19 Responses to “55ish Days, 20ish Lbs Til Lake Dora. And A New Ski Boat. Ya, It’s Saturday.”
  1. m-fine

    An original interior 61 ski boat would be an amazing find. Still a great little boat without it though.

  2. Matt

    I wish i was where you are at. Ugh. Way to go. We are all one bag of chips away from loosing.

    • Jim Staib

      I passed on an invitation to the “all you can haul” place last night. That and not having any pops is what I credit.

  3. Troy in ANE

    Another 1 1/2 #’s gone!

    This is where things really get tricky. As you approach your “ideal weight” a square cm of muscle weighs more than a square cm of fat, so if one is exercising and loosing fat but gaining muscle the loss of weight can stop or even increase.

    One of the things I have learned is that ones waist (at your belly button) should be no more than 1/2 your height. My height of 5’6″, or 66″ means that my belly should be 33″ or less. depending on how tight I pull the tape I am measuring 35″ to 36″.

    From here on out, even though I will continue the weigh in, it will be the inches on my belly that I watch closer.

  4. Troy in ANE


    An old school Snap-on KRA1459!

    Don’t see many of those around any longer. Looks like a mid 80’s model. They were designed for and sold as “airport boxes” because they were low to go under wings and had pneumatic tires for rolling around hangers and tarmac.

  5. Kelly Wittenauer

    That ’61 ski boat is sweet! And I’m always in awe of Jimmy’s barn.

  6. Floyd r turbo

    I was 176 this morning, ran hill repeats up Tower Rd (closest Mtn road), had half of a half of sub s/w with a few chips, either the pickle-or my sox must weigh 2 lbs.

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Jimmys Barn, What a man cave !! The only thing I didn’t see was a refrigerator. Im sure there is one. That 61 is one cool boat. Take care of a friend who lets you keep a 25 foot boat in his heated barn.

  8. James King

    Man what a barn love that place thanks for letting us be part of it.