Vinatge Zenith Carbourator

She Is Thy Zenith

She is the connection to my whims

She is made of metal and brass, and is always good for a kick in the ass

She screams when I push her, and purrs when I don’t need to pass.

She is black, and bronze, and so much cooler than the fonz

She drinks, she pours, she rests, she stinks

She breaths and chokes, and occasionally smokes

She is an extension of my soul, my life and goals

She can propel me to new places, and win at the races

She is here from her time away at the spa, and all I can say is ahhh.

I dedicate this poem to Dave VanNess who rebuilt my baby.

AND SPEAKING OF CARBS! I gained 5 lbs this week. No excuse. Ugh,

Up 5 lbs.. AHHHHHHH

I have sinned.. And plan to do 45 ish days in Lake Dora.


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13 Responses to “She Is Thy Zenith.”
  1. Old Salt

    She mixes and I’m down (draft) with that.

    Thanks Dave for always being there to help me too!

  2. Troy in ANE

    “Ode to Thy Carb”

    Must have been a bad “Carb” week if we are skipping the weigh in today.

    • Troy in ANE


      Since you added it to the story.

      Another 1.5#’s down.

      Hoping to keep the momentum.

  3. Garry

    Dave & I shipped these two coast to coast a couple of times before they purred

  4. Matt

    Great catch Troy.. it was and I was editing the story to reflect that. I wrote the poem yesterday when the passion of the carb swept over me. And yes. 5 lbs. Ugh

    • Troy in ANE

      Thanks Matt!

      Sorry for your rebound.

      My Dr. is going to LOVE you for motivating me. (If I can maintain this.)

  5. Jim Staib

    I’m staying steady @226 so nothing new on the weight in.
    But someone was tired of their big Zenith updraft on an MBL and spent a lot of time making this 2X2 (4bbl?) Setup

  6. Mark in Ohio ( sometimes da U P)

    One thing about carbs. They suck. Think about it.

  7. Ronald

    I’m late reporting, I was embarrassed last week that I had gained 3lbs, then this week our 10 year old scale died so I went to Target and got a new one and I am down to 220 on the new one, I am liking it.