Really? More Sausage? Enough already.. DEAR…

Here we are, judgement day on the weigh in and things are NOT going as planned here in Woodyboaterville. I thought I could do this on my own and cheat a little here and there. Ya.. That did not work, so I am gonna focus again and do what I gotta do. Maybe tomorrow I will start.. In the mean time, lets have some sausage.

I want to eat hot dogs.. and french fries, crinkle cut fries.. WAW WAW

Crinkle cut photos will have to do!

This photo just captures all that was simple and great about growing up

Those glasses

Three way tow

Being towed in is a special thing in our passion. Love the name of the boat. Dinah-Mo

Boat rides with Sis

Jesus boating


Row boat babe

And without further a do.. The weigh in.. UGH. Come on Troy, Jim, we are counting on you to save the planet

Up 4 lbs. I blame Valentines Day Dinner.. and lunch, and Breakfast, and maybe…

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8 Responses to “Sausage Saturday, And It Shows. Ugh.”
  1. Troy in ANE

    I think last weeks full moon changed the gravitational pull on the earth. (Isn’t that what THEY are saying with the whole broom challenge thing?) (It can’t be that I ate sweets and didn’t exercise this week.)

    Up 1#.

  2. Jack Weibel

    Now that Valentines Day has passed, we can get back to our diets.
    Attached photo: My wife, now 76, waiting for Spring and a boat ride.

    • Thurston

      Down 19 lbs …. slow and steady since November. Moderation with your indulgences that way no need to have a crazy cheat day or meal.

  3. Kaptain Krunch

    HEY MATT. The girls are warming up by the pool for ya’ll in Tavares.

  4. Ronald

    I am down to 217.2 this weekend woo hoo from 2218 before Christmas, A constant struggle of watching what I eat.