Teddy paddling some big sticks

It’s Monday and a holiday. Shouldn’t we be out on a boat someplace? Oh wait, it’s February. What a waste of a holiday. Not that we shouldn’t appreciate our leaders, but could we have done this possibly in warmer months so we can “appreciate” them out on a boat?

LBJ and Fam

LBJ and Herb

I don’t think that is Ike raceing

Taft… between meals

Hold on here, before you start babbling on about Washington’s Birthday.. It’s the 22nd. So they/we move the holiday around anyway. And it’s not like Washington and other Presidents did not like boating.

Exhibit A for my argument. I mean come on!

So, let’s start a movement. Not the kind after a good cup of Coffee varnish BTW. I mean a political movement.  LET’S HAVE A PRESIDENT’S DAY SO WE CAN GO BOATING….Without freezing. COME ON, who’s on board? NO POLITICS PLEASE..

Myrtle and Viola agree BTW

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16 Responses to “Happy Presidents Day? Can We Move, To Move It?”
  1. Bob Kays

    Why is the extra day in a leap year in February? Why not June? Who wants an extra day in Winter???

    • Floyd r turbo

      Great point Bob. If you were going to add a day change it to more enjoyable date as part of your presidential platform

  2. m-fine

    Why one day? There have been 45 Presidents to date, and while obviously no one likes them all in these polarized times, most of us like half of them. I would suggest we celebrate 22.5 Presidents’ Days centered between late July and early August.

  3. Tim Robinson

    Years ago I read something about a Army officer Vincent Lyman who was charged with the responsibility to design and supervise the construction of the boats that crossed the river under the command of General Washington. Was he related to the Lyman family that built the Lyman boats we know today? Anybody

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    Why just one Presidents’ Day? Let’s have 45 days off.

    • Wood Shop Teacher

      Put you in a room full of 35 kids all day, you would need time off too. Bless those teachers👩‍🎓

  5. Kenneth J. Rawley

    I was lucky to charter, for a series of corporate events, The Presidents, the former presidential yacht, now … again… known as the Honey Fitz. The CEO said to me, the day I left for vacation: “come back with an idea to have a series of events for high net worth customers. Have a nice vacation”. I considered chartering a/the Concord jet (too confined and could not schmooze); a train of private luxury cars (ditto). Then I recalled seeing the Honey Fitz years earlier at a restaurant on the Connecticut River, and I called the White House; within 30 seconds they gave me the contact number for the yacht’s charter company. I charted it from Sean Kennedy and he brought it up the Hudson from W. 23rd St. in NYC to Albany. (Also docked at W. 23rd: Malcom Forbes’s The Highlander, and Al Capone’s former yacht). Pictured below is the yacht now after a major refit a few years ago by Jim Moores. I saw the finished yacht at Rybovich and it brought back fond memories.

  6. Bill

    Being new to this forum, and perhaps not up to speed on latest acronyms. What does BTW stand for ?

    Dry docked Bill

    • mahoganymadness

      Its a boat restore term also…Bring Thousands Withyou….or Bring Thick Wallets ….

  7. Matt

    Hi Bill, its kid thing, kinda spurred on by Texting which is all about quick talk.. BTW= By The Way 🙂