It’s coming on fast

As usual, its that time of year when we all think that warm weather will never come, and BAM, its Dora time before we know it. And if you are going to the Races the week before, you may want to Gas up the truck tomorrow. Cause its gonna come fast.

Zoom zoom

Hotel rooms all around the area are booked up on Saturday the 21st of March, so it’s gonna be a nice show with lots of pale northerners getting sunburned and a slick coating of grease in our innards. Mmmm, Palm Gardens, Oil blow back, bugs, being towed in, and just pretending it’s summer.

we will be there ready for you

We will have the Stuff Store open

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7 Responses to “You Better Be Ready For Lake Dora. It’s Only 4 Weeks From Now! WHAT?”
  1. Troy in ANE

    Finalizing all the plans now.

    With all those motels being full maybe you should come bunk with John in VA.


  2. Briant

    That white stuff….

    What da hell is dat?

    Oh, I know what the hell dat is….


  3. Dennis Mykols

    We have been down here in Florida all month, and will be moving to the Mt Dora area on March 2nd (Apopka K.O.A. Campgrounds).
    Will be attending both the classic boating events.

  4. Scott Robinson

    Hi all, We have been here since Feb. 1st, froze our butts off for a about a week, it finally warmed up, we to use MoonRaker for a week, than it decided to try and sink !!! now at boat doctor to be fixed !!! had to spend time with Shucker Tom to ease the pain, Scooter