After a special meeting at the City Of Tavares, the vote is. SHOW IS A GO! NOT CANCELED! Business as un-usual. Every business was at the vote, and citizens, The city council voted unanimously with a clear understanding of the facts.  The  Sunnyland Chapter is all over this and will have wash stations and encouraging social distance all around the park., We will be reporting LIVE.. as long as we are alive. I think I deserve combat pay.

With all that is going on with the world, and the NATIONAL EMERGENCY please use your best judgment. Which may not be all that good judgement, but your best. We all have limits. If you are sick, stay home, if you have pre existing conditions, stay home. If you have been around or near someone exposed, stay home. There is ZERO pressure for you to come. I will be sharing stories and images through out the week. You can pretend you are there, and the only virus you can be nervous of is one on your computer.

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10 Responses to “LAKE DORA SHOW IS A GO-A!”
    • Mahoganymadness

      Southbound boat trip appears to be canceled just read the email at 5 AM. It’ll be some unhappy campers here when they read this

  1. Mike DeLayo

    I’ll be there. Life Must Go On! Won’t be any traffic for me with Disney and Universal closed.

  2. Dennis Mykols

    We have been in Florida since February 1st, and in the Mt Dora area since March 1st.
    We will be going to the vintage race boat event tomorrow, and be heading North on Sunday.
    Next weeks weather forecast is to hot for me.
    Sorry to miss all our friends.
    Stay safe.

  3. Alan Frederick

    Just got a message from Guy Marvin that they’ve had to cancel the South cruise but the show and North cruise is still a go.
    Was really looking fwd. to the S/cruise as we’ve been to the show a bunch of times but have never done the cruise.
    Next year for sure!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. CC Hound

    As an avid Sunnyland attendee for over 20 years, why are we so different than the rest of the country that is closing every event to help curb the virus? You name the event, inside or outside and it has been canceled or rescheduled. I love the show but are there are times to step up and say this is not the best idea at this moment. Just one opinion

  5. Ronald

    May be in a minority but I am not going to stay at home worrying about what might happen. Life is too short already. We will see whoever is in Mt Dora and plan on having fun in the sun looking at boats, eating good food, seeing old friends.

  6. Shep on lake Shafer IN

    We will be there!
    Can’t wait to see everyone! Elbow bumps all around!

  7. floyd r turbo

    If I was in the area or a vendor and the tents are set up or I had my boat, I’d be using it. Spent the money to get there, why not enjoy the weather and share the experience or enjoy it on your own.