They are coming from New Zealand

The best part of this party is you can come in your underwear, not shave and smell like a raw onion. We don’t care, cause you are here, and there at the same time. We have some special Shrimp, and cheese cubes. Hey we never really promised a spread. Cheese cubes.. And eat them fast cause they don’t last.

The First one, 2011 – Texx and Jimmy talk abut airplanes.. yes vintage airplanes.. With that hat on…

This welcome party is also a Huge thanks to the Volunteers and Vendors that make this show what it is. THE SHOW! The start of Classic Boating Season. And even though we are all on our sofa’s watching the news.

These Welcome parties were a hit from the start

Pontoon Cheese boat!

IT’S PARTY TIME. SHOW UP! COMMENT UP! Let us all know we are not alone here. THANKS! Matt, Our Sponsors and Sunnylanders!

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20 Responses to “The 2020 Lake Dorona Virtual Welcome Party! Come On It.”
  1. Mike

    Keeper and crew are on the way from Whitmore Lk, MI. We’re getting out of town before the temps drop to the 20’s. We’ll spread out in the 17.5 footer once we’re underway.

    • Brian

      Good to see Brother’s Keeper on the way. Spirit of Mackinac is right behind you!

      • John

        We’re you REALLY at the Sunnyland Boat Show this year? 2020? I thought it was cancelled…

  2. RivaDella

    Looking for a bright sunny land……slow navigating here……at least the bubbly is staying cold…….

  3. Bob Kays

    Used the way, way back machine so I can use a virus free boat to join my fellow woody boaters!

  4. JimF

    Already in place in Mt.Dora. Maybe 1999? Moxie loves that lake.

  5. Matt

    I dressed up for this party? Please someone put Jim’s pants back on! For gods sake, we are adults. mmm Some more adult than others I see.

  6. Shep on lake Shafer IN.

    Sorry we are saying buck it! We are here and enjoying no crowds only 2 tables at Giannas tonight
    Have been getting my boating fix everyday!
    We will be returning to reality too soon!
    It will be over a month before we get back to boating in Indiana!
    Sorry we missed everyone!

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    We are on our way. Nothing like a triple to get you there in style!

  8. Kevin Rice

    Went through the Dora canal yesterday, saw a couple woodies out and about. One was docked at the Palms around 4:00 ish.
    Be safe, hopefully see you next year. Ps, the temporary docks outside of Puddle Jumpers were nice


  9. Scott K

    The skeleton crew in Dora searching for virtual stragglers on Haynes River.

  10. Rick

    Got a late start but I’m coming just as fast as I can. Still can’t believe they left the keys in the ignition!

    • John Lisicich

      Aloha! We are running full bore from Gig Harbor with our Fairliner Torpedo. Hope we make it in time for the fun. We might be a little late since there was a traffic jam at the Panama Canal. Hope the show is a big success! Make every day the best day of your life, so far!

  11. Marcel

    Maybe one day i will get to Lake Dora . I was looking forward to it this year.

  12. Bob Kays

    The Katz’s crew brought Thayer IV and Mariah to the show!

  13. Florida Kid Too

    Enjoying the day at the Hickory Point picnic with my son and our 1929 ACF Wason outboard!