Did anyone hear that cough?

It was great to see you yesterday show up and say hi! Over 3500 of you all came and it was the highlight of my day. As the years have gone by, I have kinda stepped into a routine at lake Dora, you can almost predict the flow of people and whats next. As a person that likes some change, that routine had become a tad , well, routine, but you all kept that fun. I miss boring, I miss routine, and I miss you. Even the people I dint think I would miss. We may all have our moments, but we are a family. A VERY dysfunctional family. Family none the less. And I miss that.

Rides! To the ER..

The good news, is we are all here, together even if for once a day. And I DEEPLY appreciate that. Comment, say hi to folks you thought you would see today. Let’s keep this virtually going. We are going to try some new things in the upcoming weeks. Now lets get back to the Lake Dorona Show. I need to go hug some friends.. Virtually, keep your bacteria infested snot face away. Nothing personal.

At least they got off the beaches.

The good news, is you wont get sunburn..

Mr Lonley

My future..

Life as we knew it

this isnt so silly anymore.

making a Cosco run!

M-Fines BACON CURES ALL.. Just you wait. Thats what they are gonna find. The Cure was right under our nose..mmmm and mouth!

One day these will be classics.. NOT NOW, but one day..

Keep your hands clean.. And attractive!

Not laughing now are we! Yes we are.. Still cracks me up!

Remember – Laughter and Love are far more contagious!

A huge standing ovation to Terry and the Sunnyland team for keeping the warmth of Florida, in us all.

Last night I broke my diet. And you know what? IT WAS GOOD!


Passion is infectious as well!

Need a part. Keep our business’s going. All these metal surfaces are Corona Free. Unless Jim spilled some on them packing and unpacking them.

Can you catch the virus with your feet?

Don’t get any closer!

A tradition of goodness

Stay tuned for more updates from lake Dorona. And stay home safe, Stay clean, Stay away! Please send up any fun updates here. We are all looking for some social closeness!



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23 Responses to “Huge Crowds At This Years Lake Dorona Show.”
  1. warren

    Couldn’t quite get it done for Dora in the water, so I’ll just be in the Scampi tent

    • Greg Lewandowski

      An old boat show poster from the 6th ACBS Chapter. We hope we can have an Algonac show this June!

  2. Jim Staib

    We are here in the land of no degrees. If the phones don’t start ringing a raid on Matt’s wall of TP might be In order. Enough there to retire on.

  3. Mike Stevens

    I think folks need to know how FAST these boats go in the fiber-optic world. 186,000 miles per second! Sure beats any land and water speed record in the real world.

  4. Bill and Linda

    Here’s our other Woody Boat entry. We’ll be there soon; it’s only 4000 miles…

  5. 72hornet

    Looks like Ned and Jill are virtually expecting again! Cheers to all!

    • Ned Protexter

      Don’t joke about things like that or the Riva gets it, you Schmuck.

    • Grandpa Matt

      That is the BEST. A virtual baby! !!!! We could raise him, her virtually. I think they are gonna call that generation Coronials! Yup, thats the name

  6. Mark in Ohio (virtually in Dora)

    Virtually in Dora today. Enjoying the sunshine and warmth. Gazing at the pavilion. Anxiously awaiting The awards banquet and closing party. It has been nice getting close to everyone.🍻🌴🚤

  7. CenturyMike

    Thanks to all.. again you have made my day. Now to get that Coronado in the water…

  8. Ned Protexter

    At least we don’t have to deal with the A$$ that does fly us with the helicopter.

  9. John Rothert

    John in Va. is quarantined on the boat…Going Boating…no internet….”what me worry”….weather not cooperating but going any way.

    John in Va.