Huge Crowds At This Years Lake Dorona Show.

It was great to see you yesterday show up and say hi! Over 3500 of you all came and it was the highlight of my day. As the years have gone by, I have kinda stepped into a routine at lake Dora, you can alm… Read more

23 Comments on “Huge Crowds At This Years Lake Dorona Show.

  1. Couldn’t quite get it done for Dora in the water, so I’ll just be in the Scampi tent

    • An old boat show poster from the 6th ACBS Chapter. We hope we can have an Algonac show this June!

  2. We are here in the land of no degrees. If the phones don’t start ringing a raid on Matt’s wall of TP might be In order. Enough there to retire on.

  3. I think folks need to know how FAST these boats go in the fiber-optic world. 186,000 miles per second! Sure beats any land and water speed record in the real world.

  4. Here’s our other Woody Boat entry. We’ll be there soon; it’s only 4000 miles…

    • That is the BEST. A virtual baby! !!!! We could raise him, her virtually. I think they are gonna call that generation Coronials! Yup, thats the name

  5. Virtually in Dora today. Enjoying the sunshine and warmth. Gazing at the pavilion. Anxiously awaiting The awards banquet and closing party. It has been nice getting close to everyone.🍻🌴🚤

  6. Thanks to all.. again you have made my day. Now to get that Coronado in the water…

  7. At least we don’t have to deal with the A$$ that does fly us with the helicopter.

  8. John in Va. is quarantined on the boat…Going Boating…no internet….”what me worry”….weather not cooperating but going any way.

    John in Va.