Usually by this time of year, I am able to show some images of people boating having fun. Great photos can ignite that sort of fun. But here we are. Working in the Barn, in the house, worn out by it all. I have to say, loosing Dick Werner was a bit of a camel/straw breaker thing for many of us. This was expressed in some wonderfully warm photos of Dick and his boats.

it was always warm when Dick was around

Your wonderfully warm comments made it better, and warmed all our hearts. So today what if we keep the sharing going?

Dave and Elizabeth Misener, their children, and friends and friend’s children – all aboard “Sly Fox”, which is a Hacker-Zimmer designed Palm Beach racer. The 23’ boat is powered by a Chrysler 318.

Share your warm spring/summer boating photos. if there was ever a time to pull those out of the file, now is it. Fun family social closeness photos. Hugs, smiles. And groups of people on your boat. A reminder that we at one point were all carriers of sickness. Okay, I have always been, but the cure for my sickness is, and always has been a good chuckle and hug.

Cram in there. Its safe here.

No Germs, just smiles

There is room for more. Come on!

A smile is contagious as well

We can do this again…. soon..ish

Cram them in there

we are better together

one of my favorite moments.

It’s starting to work. I am feeling better ish

Waves are always contagious as well


Kindness and generosity is also infectious.

A full boat is a happy boat

Being together is our communities history

I am feeling better now, but we need you to keep it going.

And maybe, just maybe by the end of the day, we will all feel the warmth of each other. And once again, Dick Werners kindness and love, has inspired us all. 

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29 Responses to “It’s Saturday. We Could All Use A Virtual Hug!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    I couldn’t resist. I hope this will bring back fond memories for all the WoodyBoaters that came to Port Huron to party with the Michigan gang in 2018!

  2. Old Salt

    Today is little Ryan’s Birthday. Happy 8th Birthday Ryan! (Ryan is wearing the red life jacket)
    Any virtual WoodyBoater wishes are appreciated!

  3. Bob Murdock

    Our governor just issued orders that no power boating is allowed in MI.
    Only rowboats, kayaks and SAILBOATS are permitted because power boating is not deemed “physical exercise”!!!
    Meanwhile, our neighboring states of WS and MN have both said marinas and dock installers are essential businesses.
    So, this picture from last summer may be a thing of the past until further notice.
    Not “physical activity”???? Sure, you try it then Ms. Governor.
    Tree huggin’, bark eatin’ €#%*~@+=<!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jim Staib

      It may not be Physical excersize but it is great MENTAL excersize!! Here it does not matter because we woke up to a frozen lake.

      • Bob

        Sounds good Jim and I will agree, any day on the water with any watercraft of any kind, is a good day.
        Right now, just hopeful that by May 1, things could look a little better for all concerned.

    • Gregory Cooper

      More than likely this photo was taken in August. The clarification to the EO was to prevent rafting and events like Jobby Nooner.

      Hydro boating on the Indian River in April is unlikely. Hopefully the ban will be lifted at the end of the month.

    • Bob

      Dear Matt,
      Of course!!!
      That’s why I always have TWO paddles aboard but always happy to take a tow too.
      Even from a pontoon………..ouch.
      The ultimate shame……..

  4. Merc_hogany

    I just recently acquired a pretty good size collection of “Classic Boating” magazines and one of the first issues I read happen to be from 2001. It featured Dick and his stunning Century triple cockpit. Great boat and according to the article and all of the comments I have read obviously a great guy. Sounds like he really had love and passion for the boats & community.

  5. Chris B

    No boating here in Ontario the province closed marinas and said stay home.

  6. Wolfgang

    Well the MI fisherman aren’t listening. More then 50 boats out on the Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron. It’s going to be a beautiful day here and they just have to fish to feed their families.

  7. alex

    Hi Woody boaters everywhere. Im in London Engand on the River Thames. We have been told to keep off our boats as well. I l live close enough to get to the boat but its not really fair to rub the general publics noses in it so we are staying moored.
    Terrible times.
    Or boat is 90 years old its seen worse!

  8. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Memories light the corners of my mind. Misty water colored memories of the way we were.

    Barbra Streisand

  9. Troy in ANE

    One of my favorite gathering pics!

    Boat Credit Paul and Karen Harrison.

    Photo Credit Hamster (with my camera).

  10. Dennis Mykols

    Looking forward to repeating this photo once again this July when my son Dan and his family are back in town. Good times with my three sons and friends, aboard our Coronado, “Family Tradition”.

  11. Ollon

    I’d love to be able to just hang out on a dock at this point but the marina is all locked up.

  12. John Lisicich

    Aloha! Just got this cool photo of my buddy’s Fairliner in NZ. He built it from our original plans. It’s so cool I just had to share it. Nothing like a flying Fairliner Torpedo. It was just featured in Boating NZ magazine.

  13. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    Would this be considered power boating? A car that got out of control? Or essential transportation

  14. Dick Dow

    Here’s a photo from about eight years ago, taken at Roche Harbor, one of our favorite destinations. Boating with the family – it doesn’t get any better! 🙂

  15. John Rothert

    Wow….love this upbeat stuff…sure beats that picture of me that you call “mr. Lonely”….just cause it was raining…???
    Here is my one pic….and now that I know how to post a pic you will be seeing this one a lot….it is my only, post hard drive crash, one.
    Going Boating again today….quarantined aboard!
    John in Va.