Outstanding in its field

A while back we invented PreRestoic, which is a boat that is in too nice original condition to restore it. A tad bit rough, but always on the edge of needing to be restored, or Preserved. And today we introduce another term.

She is reborn!

REBORN. This is different than restored, it’s a term to depict a restoration from a dead grey boat. Deader than dead. Out in a field with a tree that grew through it and died.  Like all you are using is the hull number and one left over metal part. You even have to stamp the hull number back in the wood.

Back her in!

And then its reborn, and get this.. Walks on water and the boat will  heal from all the horrible diseases all the chemicals you used on her to reborn her. Yes. HER! #GIRLPOWER #WOMENRULE

She also sits on water

Now to be clear, Reborn is not tribute, Resto-mod or any of that other stuff. It’s an original options and specific details that are true to the way it was immaculately conceived.

Happy Easter, Stay safe, stay home, and stay smiling.

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20 Responses to “In Honor of Easter, A New Term For Your Restored Boat!”
  1. Syd Marsden

    Happy Easter. Here comes Peter Cotton Tail boating down the bunny canal. Sounds much better. With all that is going on. There is one thing that I remember doing on Easter that can not be done today but was always fun doing. Sneaking candy from your basket and filling your pocket to have something fun to do at church. Then back home for a big family get together

  2. Kelly Wittenauer

    Happy Easter to all the WoodyBoaters! Plan was for our family to gather at my in-laws’ church & baptize the newest member at Easter mass. Sadly that plan was sunk. The new little guy, my grandson, hasn’t been boating yet – so here’s a pic of his dad. Tube sorta looks like a giant Easter egg.

  3. JDub

    The boat you describe sounds more like a recreation or a reproduction. Does giving a new boat the hull number of a boat long departed make it something other than a new boat that happens to be modelled after an old boat?
    I’ve always wondered how much of the original boat should remain for it to be considered a vintage/classic boat and not a reproduction.

  4. Greg Lewandowski

    Happy Easter to all of WoodyBoaterville. Just finished watching Easter Mass on TV since we can’t go to church. Let’s all look forward to better times boating together again!

  5. Niel



    1. An original historical class boat which has been restored to original as “new condition”.

  6. Tim Robinson

    If you have a boat that is ten years old. And over that ten year period You replaced ten percent (10%) Of the boat each year, would it still be the same boat? Think about it.

    • JDub

      Well there would be nothing left of the original boat. So IMO it is not the same boat that left the factory.
      But even that isn’t the same as taking a boat from a field, using nothing but a metal piece and slapping a hull number on it.
      Maintaining a boat over the years and replacing pieces and parts as needed here and there still retains the history/story of the boat and thus I can see why it would carry the hull number and be referred to as a 19XX rather than a reproduction.

  7. Gene

    AH The old “George Washington’s Axe discussion! Always entertaining.

    Speaking of one original part, look at the building of Aphrodite

  8. John Rothert

    I have a buddy that has created whole buildings around a surviving screen door….reborn indeed.
    Happy Easter to all…..
    John in Va.

  9. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    Happy Easter to all Woody Boaters. Enjoy it the best you can!

  10. Troy in ANE

    I like ReBorn.

    Maybe if we laid hands on that boat in the field and had enough faith we could heal it back to life.

    He is risen!

  11. Troy in ANE

    See if this thinking works for you?

    A boat that is mostly original is “Preserved”.
    A boat that is in bad shape but usable is “Pre-Restoric”
    A boat that has been rebuilt is “Restored”
    A boat that has been built from a few pieces is “Re-Born”

    Does that mean a boat that has been restored multiple times is “Re-Restoric” ????????????

  12. Briant

    You’re gonna need many face masks to bring that grey “field find” boat back from the dead…(and perhaps even going to the store for the next two years) so you may as well stock up on good masks.

    May I suggest the following…..

  13. Jim Staib

    Happy Easter to everyone from the Great White North. Mother nature makes one last show of who’s the boss.

  14. Verne

    I think Recreated is a better term for that, because boats aren’t “born”. They don’t have fathers or mothers.