10 Reasons This Pandemic Could Be A Good Thing For The Classic Boat World

First, this sucks, no question. And our lives would have of course been better off without going through this.  But if you crack open the positive side of your mind, there is some amazing stuff h… Read more

21 Comments on “10 Reasons This Pandemic Could Be A Good Thing For The Classic Boat World

  1. Well our governor opened up power boating in Michigan yesterday. Woohoo let’s get out there!

  2. But the border is closed for the foreseeable future. I am in Canada and can’t get to a boat I want to buy. Now that is confining. Anyone with a suggestion to overcome this hurdle ?

    • Go ahead and buy it Dave! I’ll pick it up for you, use it this summer (keep it nice and swelled) then you can get it this Fall when the border opens up. Deal? See, that’s a win/win! 😀

      • Thanks Brian. I do have another offer that delivers the boat to my front yard. Waiting for the price. Grateful.

      • Thank you, Brian. I have another offer that delivers the boat to my front yard. Waiting for the cost. Grateful.

  3. Either this shutdown stops, as it makes almost no sense per many economists AND clinicians, and is causing damage that has yet to be fully realized, or we are in very serious trouble far worse than this virus. I sent emails to every NY state assembly-person this week, and the prior week, and to senators and congress people. Unless we act and let them know what we think…they will do what they seem to do best: cause mayhem, do the wrong thing and in this case destroy millions financially…while their incomes are secure. I urge everyone to ACT.

  4. Please post the politics somewhere else, Ken. That’s not why we’re here. And my neighbor’s 13-year-old granddaughter is fighting for her life from the virus.

    • Ken, you are welcome to your opinion and writing to your politicians is the right way to express it, but let’s keep this website about boats, please.

  5. Nice try Matt, but thin gruel.

    “We are on the same page when it comes to this.”

    Surely you’re joking Mr Feynman!

  6. A bit of The life of Brian, “look on the bright side of life” to this pandemic. However, Matt’s effort to focus on the positive is to be commended. My view is that something good always comes out of something bad. We may not perceive it during the course of the “bad”, but at some point it will become clear.

  7. Bright side view – I was behind on some topside maintenance which is now almost done and I replaced the copper gas line and added a (discrete) with the recommendations and ideas from this site. Cannot wait to get back on the water mid May or June and safer for it.

  8. So the ban has been lifted on boating in Michigan. Yaaaaaa! Thinmgs are looking better. Let’s just use good sense. Watch our social distancing.

  9. So much to say, but the main thing I have gotten out of all of this is that we humans were not even remotely prepared for this, or any other disaster for that matter. Households, businesses, and the elected officials…the whole lot.

    We were standing there with our pants around our ankles and we got spanked by a 57 Chevy Nomad doing 55mph.

    Elbow bumps and Clorox Chewables. What the hell? Oh and I HATE the word “virtual” now…..

    Damn, I need a boat ride…..

  10. how sad! what a bunch of lemmings and weenie men except for Ken and Chuck.

    keep politics out of it my ass. Give me liberty or give me death!

    I am putting torpedo tubes on the Sea Skiff.