I collect them religiously

As I now have been home for about 1 month. I have been busy getting all sorts of things done around the house. Which also includes working on one of my other obsessions. Bird Houses. For some reason I love these things, and love having birds around the house, and in there own ones.

I think there are 6 Birdhouses in this one photo


Little tiny small ones. LOVE THESE

As with anything in my life, I had not realized this has become an obsession, until I have been here looking at every corner and sq inch of the yard.

Birdhouse meet boathouse

I also love old house details. These are vintage from Clayton NY supports

So today, Bird Houses. Just peaceful bird houses.

Old and ratty, just the way I like it

Just finished this one

She sits 12 feet in the air on a 4X6 post. Heavy? Hell yes. Purple martins love it high up. and they love to eat bugs!

The entry sign to our home. We are behind a bunch of homes, and hard to find

Fishing hat birdhouse on the barn

Ready for a hurricane, and always full

Just a boat shot

This is one of my faves. From the 1920’s in New England. The wood is like concrete. Heavy and strong

has very nice details

This house has all the views

Fence and transom art

On the Magnolia

A crazy one just hanging out

Love the kitchen utensils

Tucked in the yard

I build this house almost 20 years ago while at QUIMBY’s in Vermont. These are on lamp posts around the camp. If you want to experience life on a camp in Vermont from the 1800’s this is a great place.

The three ladies greet you as you enter the property


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22 Responses to “This Pandemic Is For The Birds. No, Real Birds.”
  1. Syd Marsden

    As my mom would say. This one is for the birds
    But nice collection. Now you need to make a runabout condo hole in the transom another in the engine compartment and another in the bow

  2. Tuobanur

    This was our 2018 snow storm here in SC. A blue bird house I built many years ago.

  3. Matt

    The boathouse is due for some pandemic attention. I am sure somehow the birds will get a partial home there. I need to creativly keep them away from the boat

  4. Troy in ANE

    What do “Bird House Forums” talk about.

    Is a modern post more reliable than an original post?

    Are construction materials an issue (after all there are no fiberglass trees)?

    Are there any taboo houses (pontoon houses)?

    Do they do birdhouse events?

    Are new birdhouses just bath tubs in the eyes of the purists?

    Do they have their own ACBS (Antique and Classic Birdhouse Society)?

    Just wondering!

  5. Ken Byrd

    Good thing the Purple Martin house isn’t a feeder; what a chore it would be to refill it!

  6. BT

    Thanks for bringing up this topic, I just took a quick stroll around my still dormant northern Minnesota cabin, and counted close to 20 bird houses. Here is my favorite: check out the spiral tree trunk that it sits on. I also walked past the burn pile where 2 once proud bird houses are ready for final cremation.

  7. Mike U

    Looks like the purple martians have a stay-at-home order too. Same with the trout I’ve been trying to catch.

  8. Richard Marcoux

    Here is my shot at it, now u want to do a stained and varnish one

  9. tom

    I never get tired of old birdhouses myself, Matt.Love to build em too.It’s like the same connection as with old boats.Love the patina on some,others look great brand new.So surprised to see this today, just made a couple of simple ones in the basement with my daughter the past couple of weeks.Great time killer.Header shot could make a great book cover.

  10. Briant

    Don’t forget Troy, I bet they at the ACBirdhouseS are freaking out that they need many new younger folks to join up!

  11. Duster

    Love this post… said one bird house to the other.
    No really, I love this post today.

  12. John Rothert

    count me in on the acbhs my bluebirds Ist litter fledged last week and I saw then emerge!
    Just back from Going Boating!
    John in Va.