OH my. Whats in the box?

Trapped at home with not much to do? Been cleaning up and dealing with things that you have put off because there isn’t enough time? You are not alone. Along with this, I have found myself looking through the garage, attic, basement, the usual places where old stuff gets put. I am sure there is some sort of metaphor and how we think mixed in there with it all. Thanks to Don Ploetner Jr for the fun story

GAR WOOD GOLD! Original Entire Die number set from Gar Wood Plant.

It’s cool, but not sure what these are? Letters?

And so today we find, some amazing stuff, we literally forgot we even had. How does that even happen?

These are original number stamps. As in, need to replace a piece of wood inside your Gar Wood? You can restamp the part number now with ORIGINAL numbers. There is some sort of Zen thing happening here.

Then you can rubber stamp the whatever you have. Maybe a cool t shirt? 

Here is the stamp reversed and cleaned up ish so you read what it says..ish


A large box of… 6 and 12 volt Lovett pumps..

Gar Wood Gauges, horn, manuals, Table top, bush!

Stern poles. These are very hard to find. Unless you are Don and cleaning out your Gar-Age. Don does not need this stuff. So if you are interested? These are very special items, and should stay in our little family here. The pumps will most likely go on ebay at some point. VERY VERY hard to find. 

Thanks Don, not sure how to go here with putting up Dons email or number. He will be in the comment section, and chances are you have his contact info. I will try my best to help. Happy Saturday..

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16 Responses to “GarAge – GarWood Pandemic Clean Out Find.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Wow, what a find. I am a buyer for one of those 12V pumps.

    • NR

      Of course. To add to your collection? You only want the “top of the muffin”. I’m sure you noticed it’s the flared pole.

    • Jim Staib

      I’m surprised that you didn’t grab one of these for your gift helping me move.
      O that’s right, You didn’t help😕

      • JohnnyEastern

        I’ll take a Jetson
        I need a spare for my 67 SS and Custom Ski
        Just let me know the price and contact
        The one on the far left looks best and I’ll commit right now for it

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    I saw Oyster Bay N.Y. on the box. That is where Teddy Roosevelt was from. I learned somthing from Ken Burns PBS specials while being quarantined. Im not interested on anything. I have enough “neat stuff” taking up space right now.

  3. Bilge Rat

    The mushrooming of the striking end on those number/letter stamps attests to a lot of factory use.

  4. Andy C

    I NEED the jetson pole as it looks like the tapered one. Mine got bent for my sportsman years ago and have been unable to locate one since. PLEASE contact me.

  5. Chad

    Andy C, you should get the pole since I only want the top of the Jetson.

  6. Rick

    I keep checking my attic, garage and shed and I never find stuff like that. I’ll check the she-shed next maybe my wife has all the cool stuff.

  7. M. Miller

    Matt, The hull numbers stamped into a Gar Wood (prewar at least) are a much larger font than the set of stamps here, which also appear to have a lot of letters if you look closely. Don could confirm this of course, but I suspect that set of nine very well used larger stamps are for the hull numbers stamped into the wood. Really cool either way.