My boys out in there Whirlwind back in the days

If you tuned into WoodyBoater yesterday, you were all part of my incredible Fathers Day gift. My family had worked together to hack into Woody Boater and write a story about me. WTH? I have always been embarrassed by such things. As I child, I used to cry at Happy Birthday singing. I still don’t like my birthdays because of the focus on me. Seems rather odd coming from a guy that puts himself out there here and other places.

Kelsey and Ham. Sneaky kids!

Here is how yesterday happened. Turns out my future daughter in law Kelsey had the idea. And of course they all jumped in. My son Hank in Germany has the keys to the kingdom of Woodyboaterville and took over with the entire family going back and forth via email and text messages. ALL BEHIND MY BACK!

My other son Hank at the wheel of the Vintage Whaler

When I woke up, I did the usual cup of coffee, and sat down and wondered how I may approach Fathers Day. After all we have had many together and I like to change it up. I opened up Woody Boater to search all the other Fathers Days and BAM, the header. Which totally confused me. It was written to me? WHAT? And that is how it went down.

Family! The one word that explains what life is all about.

I was and am moved. Beyond words. I felt loved and appreciated as a father for the day. And that is truly what the day is all about! That and boat rides. Which I did all day long! What a day. Thank you all for the icing on the gift, your wonderful comments from our little family of Woody Boaters!  I had frozen Strawberries for desert! Obscure? Yes! Enjoy!

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15 Responses to “They All Conspired Against Me I Tell Ya!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    I guess it was also about time for you to have a day off after 11 years. Now get back to work!

  2. Berlin Büro

    If it’s any consolation, your “go to” password and mine are the same.

    • m-fine

      1, 2, 3, 4, 5? That’s amazing! I’ve got the same combination on my luggage!

  3. Rick

    It was a great present, but now the problem. For 11 years you’ve been involved with every post. That’s like over 4000 posts in a row without a break. That ended yesterday. Welcome to day 1. They failed to consider the downside of showing their love for you. Now you can cry.

    • Frank@Falmouth

      I disagree… The string has not broken… Not much different from a “guest story” that happens all the time, and Matt did chime in with a “Gotta change my password” remark,…. 🙂 THE STREAK CONTINUES!

      Keep up the great work! I celebrated Fathers Day with the adoption of a Wooden 1959 Flying Dutchman sailboat, a high performance Olympic Class boat. Will restore and refinish but dont know how much use Ill get as my 60 YO body and muscles are not what they were back in my sailboat racing days!

      • Rick

        I bow to your reasoning. All is right with the WoodyBoater universe again.

        • Matt

          And Texx, dont forget Texx. he kept us going for years. And still behind the scenes. We have reporters across the planet

  4. Troy in ANE

    Glad you had such a GREAT day!

    I also was blessed with a wonderful Fathers day lunch boat ride for many hours. It was beautiful.

    Also got a membership to Flaviar from my kids and their spouses. (It’s a bourbon tasting membership)

  5. Kelly Wittenauer

    5089 stories – that’s amazing! What an awesome surprise gift from your family. To you & to all of us readers, as well.

  6. Dick Dow

    It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving father… 🙂

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    I hope that you relaxed and ebjoyed your day. You family did a hell of a job. We all appreciated it.

  8. Darthtrader

    Great to see a fitting tribute to a well-deserving, loving father, especially in these turbulent times. Hats off to your family for putting one over on you!

  9. Carla

    You are so appreciated and admired by literally thousands AND thousands of boat enthusiasts, Matt. There is so much I could say; however, I do not wish to embarrass you with such praise. Woody Boater energized the classic boat hobby FROM THE VERY FIRST POST! WB educated us (definitely me among them) and you made us laugh until we actually spit out our drink of choice. The times you honored those individuals who left us way too early.
    Thank you for each and every one of those 5000+ posts!