Two nights ago! Insane light

Not all the gifts of 2020 are gonna kill us. BTW, it’s only June, so if you are still alive, just wait. We still have 6 months to come. We are gonna get some amazing sunrise and sunsets for a bit thanks to the Sahara Dust Storm coming from Africa. With that said, you may want to avoid varnishing anything, and possibly if you just drive around with your boat on a trailer, it could do all the sanding for you? Just thinking here.

A slow Sunset cruise after dinner at the dock

The slow rumble of the engine and water lapping against the hull.


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Heading into the sunset

Around here in Virginia, the sunsets have been beautiful, but the dust hasnt reached us yet, so not sure what that means, they say hazy. But I have seen this out in the desert on shoots for cars, and the way the light hits the sand can make some amazing colors.


Slipped right into the dock


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12 Responses to “Get Your Camera’s Out! It’s Gonna Be Sunrise and Sunset Magic.”
    • Troy in ANE

      Floyd: July is almost always an improvement over Junuary.

  1. Kelly Wittenauer

    The dust storm happens every year. Not sure why it’s such big news this year.

  2. John Rothert

    I swear Matt, that ancient Rice Trawler is the best buy you ever made. She is looking sharp! I passed on that very boat a couple of times, you have really got a winner there. Sure she is a lot of upkeep but a true classic with family connections…what could be better for a sunset cruise!
    John in Va.

  3. Reddog

    Matt you say 6 more months of mornings and evenings to take pictures but, for Alex it’s only mere weeks (just kidding Alex) I live in Michigan too and some of the better boating days are in Sept. and early Oct. Also the trawler looks like a nice boat to just cruise along on.

  4. Walter Legett

    I got an email from Dan at ACBS today saying that they may have a meeting I New Orleans same weekend in October for the Madisonville Wooden Boat Festival. It is 2 nd week of October. We first met Dan at the festival when he became president ofACBS and he went with me and our Bayou chapter president to judge some 95 boats, big and small. Most chapters only have small boats but we have large boats built in 40’s and50’s. He really enjoyed the show and would like to return if they get to New Orleans. Hope we have the show in October and can make it.