Someone say Ice Cream?

We got this fun photo report in from loooooooooong time fellow Woody Boater Bob Kays. All the clubs should do this this year. And best yet!!! I get to make up the captions! OH YEAH.

Look dear, a hipster.

Old and new. In harmony

“The Lake Hopatcong Gang has been doing “Cruise Nights” for a few years now. The idea of Past President Ken Heaton and his wife Cindy. Once a month we gather and cruise the lake, trying to do different routes each time. Last year with an ice cream stop at the Main Lake Market at the end.”

I wood ya!

You can never have enough flags




Love the tradition on Lake Hopatcong

Right back at ya

Bob getting fancy with the light


Rumble rumble

I said say CHEEEESE

Waves, and waves on waves

A huge Wave to Bob Kays for sharing the fun with us all!

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12 Responses to “Cruising For Ice Cream On Lake Hopatcong! Oh Yeah.”
  1. Mike Stevens

    The fact that you folks back east (where woodys abound) have establishments on the water that sell food is awesome. None of that on the Columbia/Willamette river system with only a few exceptions.

  2. Jaxon

    Do they allow dogs? Dogs love ice cream. And it’s good for them🍦🍦

    • Gracie on Hopatcong

      My person Bob, calender something, brings me for ice cream all the time. Love it. You should visit us

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    What a good story today. Cool boats and great shots. Make me want to get out there .

  4. m-fine

    Hey, I have an idea! If Bob sends out 2021 calendars NOW, can we just skip the rest of 2020 and start fresh?

  5. floyd r turbo

    So the guy with the largest boat (a triple cockpit) is by himself and the smaller boats are loaded to the sheer line with people. Go figure. I’ve seen that too often.

  6. Ice Cream Man

    Did someone say Ice Cream! Thought I would get this in before Troy did.

  7. WoodyGal

    People having fun in cool wooden boats! What could be better?