Lily fishing

If you are a longtime Woody Boater you know how special Lily is to us all here. Lily and WoodyBoater have grown up together. With all the negative drama going on out there in the click bait universe, Lily is a wonderful reminder of the joy of family, parenting, and childhood.

One of Lily’s early transom photos 2007 ish

Lily 2020. I think the boat is getting smaller?

We first met Lily back at the start of Woody Boater and the restoration of Chads 18 Sportsman. Chads boat became a big winner at all the shows with his trademark Lilys.

Lily in 2019

Lily is also a reminder that here on Woody Boater we are more than just classic boat nuts, we are a family. A dysfunctional  family, with way to many crazy uncles. So here is to Lily and a another year of warmth and family!

Lily and her annual transom photo

If you have some growing up photos please share.

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24 Responses to “It’s Lily Day! Proof That There Is Good In This World.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Great photos of Lily’s transition from baby to young lady. I also know Chad and he is a great guy. We feel like distant cousins to them with our boats named Water Lily and Tiger Lily. All the best to that wonderful family in the future!

  2. Wudzgud

    Here is Brenden and Henry sitting on the transom. Emily is named after Henry’s twin sister. Emily lived 2-1/2 years with Trisomy 18. After she passed away I purchased the boat. Thought is was fitting to name the boat after her. It is always special to go out and take a ride.

  3. Mark

    Well that explains all of my gray hair …

    Congrats Chad on raising that beautiful girl and keeping your boat looking great as well.

  4. Rick

    Sorry but in my mind Lilly will forever be the little girl serving drinks at our virtual party. And no Chad I didn’t keep this pic on my computer I had to search WoodyBoater for it.

  5. Matt

    one of my all time favorite shots.. Somehow I think this may be changed around collage..

  6. Syd

    Great shots and memories. Which I had thought of that. Both of our daughters went from their first show bringing inside their mother to both having graduated from college and Katelyn having her own pink wooden boat. Not sure where the time has gone but it has been well worth it

  7. John Rothert

    who,….great pix and calming amid the mess. Thanks for that.

    John in Va.

  8. Darthtrader

    Here is a picture of LILY at the first show in Traverse City on the Boardwalk, and in the background are Chad and his Dad.

  9. Bob Weaver

    That’s what boating all about ! Heartwarming pics. Thanks Matt

  10. Alex

    Happy Lily Day! Yes, there is something special about naming a boat after one’s only daughter.

  11. Syd

    Not the best picture but they got bigger and the boat got smaller. With a lot of fun in between

  12. Art

    Grandson and Great Grandson …………..”close” to Molly-O’s tranny

  13. Troy in ANE

    I LOVE Lilly day!

    7 year old Lilly even made it into an ad for the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club.

  14. Dick Dow

    Family traditions and memories – 🙂 Our son at one year old in “Tango” and (next post – I can’t figure out how to attach two pics…) with his wife a couple years ago next to our current Red&White – “Aknota”.

  15. Uncle Mike K

    i like lily’s flag when she was a baby
    uncle mike k