Yesterdays quest for a cool dinghy was fun and brought out a new frustration that effects one of the funnest parts of Woody Boating. ROAD TRIPS. The spontanious kind. Like lets go. BUT, having tried this. There is a new degree of difficulty in road trips. PEEING, and Well. The other one, or two might be a better reference. Everything is closed. Including McDonalds, which is usually my goto Gotta go.

Is John using the John? Photo takes on a new meaning. HA

And a 17 hr drive to Michigan which used to be a normal fun event, is now a real pain in the aft. Now, to take this crap even further, I looked around, and as it turns out. The trusty 5 gallon bucket that we all have once again can come to the rescue. Meet The Bumper Dumper. YES, the universe has provided a gift, and keeps giving, hopefully once a day.

The Bumper Dumper

Chris Crapper? Now with some simple tweaks you could reuse your Bumper Dumper on your boat. An Aft Ass? A  But Bilge, a You Can Can. A Ship Shitter, A Boat Floater. I can keep going. Wait, thats another one. Sorry. I need a road trip!

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22 Responses to “CRAP! Road Trips Are No Fun This Summer.”
  1. Steve from Michigan

    What no comments? Speechless we are, finally!

  2. Matt

    Oh, there will be a shipload of comments today. I hope. A good laugh is way over due.

  3. Steve in the woods

    What is wrong with a Bush? Guess there exists a benefit in the woods…

  4. Ned Protexter

    We have renovated restrooms this year for our real live boat show this Saturday, July 25th from 10 to 3 on the Arnold’s Park docks on Lake Okoboji, Iowa. Everyone is welcome. Come on by, look at or bring a boat, try out the new toilets.

  5. John Rothert

    OK, so I am not crapping in the picture…but the boat I am sitting on ….as opposed to s–ting on, IS….cool as crap!

    I too miss the road trip….did a daily up to the mountains here in ole Va.

    John in Va.

  6. Chug-A-Lug

    I like getting big bucket of cat litter-take litter out-put in zip-lock bags. use bucket-cover up with litter(works for puss puss) cover with lid and dispose after full.Wood pellets work good too to absorb liquid.

  7. Mike U

    Learned a few years ago with small kids, the best road trip restrooms were those at nicer hotel chains. Most usually have them and they’re hardly used and much cleaner than gas stations and fast food joints. And, if you have to go during certain morning hours, a free breakfast/coffee might be available – lol. Not sure if any of this is an option currently though.

  8. Chuckie W Carr

    have you applied for a patent on that very ingenious device? I want manufacturing rights

  9. David Hughes

    I’m having a “tailgate” party…everyone is invited – or should I quit while I am ahead?

    Yes, that is the crapper that was featured in the previous; “Somebody restored the crap out of this head” Woody Boater article – it’s mine now…you can’t have it!

    “From my cold dead hands!”

  10. Mark in da U P

    You never know what you were going to find in a porta potty!

  11. WoodyGal

    Large coffe can w/ a plastic lid is whatI’ve always carried in my boat. Passesd Coast Guard inspection.

  12. Mark in da U P

    I know it’s a few days late, but I couldn’t resist sending it in