Are you sniffing around thinking about getting into classic boating? This Sea Skiff on ebay is a wonderful first boat. They can handle big – ish water, and are a Smith Family Favorite. As in Chris Smith, of Chris Craft family.


I feel sea sick.

Okay, thats a tad better. Not sure whats going on with the huge blue tarp thing

I can’t tell how strong the bottom is on this, but looks used and kinda original. Note in the above image, a gap in the transom plank and some tape on the edge? The engine looks the part for sure. And a K is nice for this. Perfect for fishing and the kids swim boat on the lake. A beater so to speak.  And the price is right.

Love the built in steps

Perfection, note the overspray on the generator. Could be a sloppy clean up, or original. Would be great to look deeper into this one.


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12 Responses to “Sweet Sea Skiff, Looks Right, Priced Right. Right?”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    The fact that there is no picture of the bottom concerns me.

  2. John Rothert

    Matt has summed it up just right. The price is OK the trailer is trouble, engine cool but under powered for a 22, then and now. But fun, stable and good sea boat.
    Pretty easy boat to work on, fun project really. A true survivor boat and anyone could survive the resto job. Buy it and Go Boating!
    Too far away for me…thankfully…

    John in Va.

    • Eric Z

      John, my older son lives in Madison…..I’ll tell him to pick it up for you…

  3. Ben Lasher

    It’s really amazing how similar the Sea Skiff is to the Lyman hull from the 50’s

  4. Howard Lehman

    This boat is listed in Madison, Wisconsin Craigslist. There are 2 photos of the bottom not shown on eBay listing.

  5. D. Thomas

    I looked at this boat a couple years ago, its not bad at all for the price!

    On another note, Matt this is a picture of “Woody” the Norfolf Terrier getting ready for his first woody boat parade on the 4th of July at Lauderdale Lakes Wi.

  6. Ron Y.

    This looks like the boat in ” Head above Water “, A movie with Cameron Diaz and Harvey Keitel. It gets a lot of screen time in the film,

  7. Ron Y.

    And here’s a better photo from the Head Above Water film…

  8. Ronald

    I owned one just like this for 18-19 years, It was a great boat for us, rides good, plenty of room for grand kids, It is under powered with the K, Ours had a 350 Chevrolet that was really too much hp, A low hp v8 or even a v6 would be just fine. They are beautiful in the water.

  9. Reddog

    Did you know there was more than l picture boat for that movie. Pat Curtin’s niece Jane. ( Yes from SNL fame) owned this one. Well any way, Jane (that incessant b*#@ch) bought SK-22- 372 from the production company back in the 90’s and she was storing in a different uncles barn until she could make a profit selling it. But prices have been going down slightly. So her nephews decided to sell it now while they can. This boat does not have the cast iron stove pictured in the movie boat.

  10. Briant

    Buyer beware. That trailer looks to be from the 2nd Dynasty, New Kingdom Egypt.

    A new trailer that will do the job properly will run an easy $8000.

    Throw in a new V8 for some proper power and you’re looking at some serious scratch.