Thats one red band alright

In the water. I am loving this Click bait style headlines. I feel like Buzzfeed. Anyway, if you are reading this, my power is out, and I have no way to do a story, but don’t want to miss a morning. I will update as the power goes on..and off, and on. Oh I have a lame Generator I had to rebuild the carb yesterday on. That was fun. Also screwed down dock planks that keep rusting off. Don’t get the hardware store going about nails made in China. NOT KIDDING! HA.


Anyway, here is the non story, or for your reward for tuning in and reading this far. Old story photos. Some of my faves.

Paradise on the Great Wicomico

We’ve all been there, done that and moaned when we try and get up



Says it all

I love this Steve Lapkin foto of the YNOT guys.


A normal ride in Stinky. She blames me. Like I had something to do with it.

Love a good action shot

Can we go out today? Hugh?

Not so funny now is it? IS IT?

We were the first. And I hope the last


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13 Responses to “If You Are Reading This, I Am Dead.”
  1. Matt

    generator on, then power comes on, then off, then on. Water in the basement, sump pump … We are on the tail end of it now and thank god this wasnt some hurricane sitting over us all day. I have to say that owning a classic boat has taught me great patience with crap that goes wrong. ugh oh, I smell a story idea..

  2. Murdock

    “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.
    Hurricane, Covid, face masks, media, politics, hangovers, leftovers, no GFI’s, whatevers……….
    Next up: Murder Hornets.
    Bring it on Skippy! We’re Woodyboaters, we got this.

  3. Mark

    Coming to visit us in New England tonight. Time to batten down the hatches.

    The forecasters are saying it is a fast moving storm.

    I hope my portable garage isn’t too portable. Generator at the ready.

  4. Matt

    Locusts, you forgot locusts. And where are the dam murder hornets? Power is on.. Oh wait… Damit

  5. Tuobanur

    Had a worst storm Saturday, lasted for about 30 minutes and got a half inch of rain out of it.

  6. Murdock

    Ah, yes. One word for the year 2020: Biblical
    All of it.
    Where the hell is the reset button anyway?

  7. Rick

    Wonder how Phil in New Zealand is doing? I think he’s being very quiet sitting down there in island paradise and hoping the Americans don’t try and visit.

  8. Ranger

    Damn Hurricane Isaias! We really luck out. Hope it goes well for everyone, stay safe!

  9. Mark

    No power. Some decent size branches down.

    I have never seen clouds move so fast in my life.