Nature takes and nature gives. One thing is for sure sunsets don’t require internet or power. Just some fuel and passion. The power is out up in New Jersey and yet Bob Kays was able to get out and enjoy a wonderful analog sunset. But keeping Click bait week going.

Wonderful moment we all share without internet

Here in Reedville, our power is back on, but the sunset was to perfect as was the flat water.

The sisters are back and Ruby is on her perch.

So we shoveled in a great dinner and headed out for a slow sunset ride to remind us of the good side of mother nature. We all decided to forgive her and thanked her for the blessing of a reminder that time with friends, family and nature are what life is about.

Sunset, Porpoises, and Mahogany. All provided by nature.. Oh, and chrome from Graves Plating. SHAMELESS PLUG!

Headed home right as it turned dark. What a night.

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6 Responses to “Burning Skies In Woodyboaterville!”
  1. Rick

    Power is back on, property cleaned up, back killing me and Panther is safe and intact. Unfortunately back at work so no woodyboating until the weekend.

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    Love the porpoises. Maybe we need a porpoise stocking program in Michigan lakes! I am glad all is well at WoodyBoater HQ.

  3. Mark

    My power and cleanup done as well.

    Here is my sunset shot towing a dead plastic boat.

  4. floyd r turbo

    What a haunting performance of The Waterboys “Fisherman Blues” if you didn’t know who that was on the video. You must see that earliest live performance professionally recorded.