Well, it’s Saturday and I have a story I am working on. I have had two cups of coffee, and I am just like a zombie. I had a great nights sleep, which may be the problem. I am usually up at 5AM ish and can function. But.. This morning. Nuth’n. And its frustrating because I got a hold of Syd’s Little Black book. and its cool. So that will be tomorrow. I have left the door open, beer is in the fridge, and have at it.

Wake up Jaxon

Rabbit zoning out

Terry, wake up!

Riva resting


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7 Responses to “For Some Reason I Don’t Have The Energ…….ZZZZZZZZ”
  1. Rob Schantz

    The header today of Wawasee Slip kills me as I was there this week Wednesday. Nicest people in the world. Jeff and his son Joel are a class act. Been going there for almost 40 years and its a museum in itself. They were the third or fourth Chris Craft Dealer in the country and are as humble as they get. Northern Indiana is blessed to have them. We have pictures of the old marina and it was/is cool.

  2. Rabbit

    Wow. I’ve been featured on Woody Boater in my pontoon. At least my feet have. What an honor. I’d also like to point out that the great Terry Feist is also featured in a pontoon. So there is no shame.

  3. Matt

    AGREE! thats a trip I would love to make and a perfect tradition there. THE FUTURE OF ALL CLASSIC BOATING EVENTS.

  4. Matt

    Yes, Pontoon boating. I went on a ride of a pals the other day. OH! That was nice. Relaxing, quiet, smooth, NOOOOOOOO! AHHHHHHHHH! That woke me up

  5. Mark in da U P

    I guess Bilge Rat’s quote yesterday of “On The Pontoon” struck a chord. Its Saturday (I hope I have the day right) so go boating!

  6. Mahogany Mafia

    I think its funny how we all just show off our wood boats I guarantee most of us have a pontoon. They are practical boats run like champs, and are basically a floating patio i enjoy the hell out of mine here she is in all her glory happy pontoon Saturday No it doesnt have the flag but it does have the horn

  7. Jaxon

    I’m up and looking for snacks. I hate it when people clean up so well. My human is a slob and the snacks are way better at home.