Amazing Vintage Boat T Shirt

The other day we talked about boat cushions and how the prices have grown. This is because of a lack of art in our passion. T shirts on the other hand have been a big collector trend for decades. And today the two worlds have collided.  Yup a $399 T shirt. Now hold on.. Don’t start pulling out your old shirts. BTW, I have.. And they fill two large bins. Saving for a story. Anyway. This specific shirt has one major asset. FANTASTIC ART!

This is cushion art quality art work. Hand done graphics

The art is amazing, and on a vintage canvas. This would look amazing framed in your boat room. Its art, not a shirt anymore. And if you think $400 is a lot for a T shirt. Thats kinda normal. Welcome to the age of art vs boat.


Not sure about the brand of T, Neither is the seller. I struggle with the 1950’s call, the logo feels very early 70’s.. But there are clues in the stitching.. yes, and weave of the material.

If you want t o know more about the T shirt universe there are countless sites on the web. And if you think talking about Reed and Prince screws is deep. You may want to put on a scuba outfit. Holy crap.. Yes even that shirt you used as a rag can be a gold mine. Sweat stains and all.

That stitch is a clue. but its such a deep dive, I gotta move on. The art is the value for me. But? I miss Zipper tag conversations.

If you want to see this shirt on Ebay, HERE IT IS. 

The WoodyBoater of T shirtdum DEFUNKD Link HERE

LOWTIMERS is a specialist in Vintage T’s and clothing. A sister co of Woody Boater. Well more like a Son Co. CLICK HERE. 

The original WB Yellow T. Only 25 made. I suppose they would be collectable, if any survived my sloppy painting and varnishing

And of course you can get a future collectable shirt HERE at our Stuff Store. 

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13 Responses to “$400 T-Shirts? I Had Nothing To With It!”
  1. Bilge Rat

    Aside from trying to figure out who would pay $399 for a T shirt, I’m puzzled as to what that 55 gallon barrel on a stick in the picture is supposed to be. Seems a bit overkill for a race course turn marker or a channel marker.

  2. Ralph Cattaneo

    The “55 gallon barrel on a stick” is an entrance / exit turn marker on a race course made of plastic, not metal and if one was taken out by a racer they had to pay for replacement.

  3. Bilge Rat

    Thank you Ralph, and now I know. Back in my sports car gymkhana days, if I took out a road cone pylon at least I didn’t have to pay for it with money, only points taken off.

    My brain cells (what remain intact and firing) can now work on other mysteries of life.

  4. Mike Green

    I think the only way the old Woody Boater shirt would be worth more is if my uncle (pictured) wore it. Sweet stains from him working on a boat would probably fetch even more.

  5. Chug-A-Lug

    I want a t-shirt that says “I get Woodies.What’s your superpower?”

  6. George Emmanuel

    Those are Raveau’s on the T-shirt. I wonder the connection?

  7. Capt. Cranky

    Glad to see Troy reappear after what seemed like a long absence!

  8. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    I have stacks of old concert tees from the 80’s. I wonder if they would be worth anything? By the way, that’s a VERY impressive boat cushion collection!