Cute.. and a ruthless foe. RUTHLESS!

Over night Miss Smarty pants took the lead, like over 100 votes. The voting system is smart so I am assuming she is rallying her mailing list and facebook. This will not stand. We are getting schooled by a Yorkie and a bunch of smarty pants. SMARTY PANTS!  By the way, love the store, they are a fun New Orleans store. But in this case. NEED TO DIE! No offense. This is coming down to the wire and a battle between two worlds. Are you in? VOTING ENDS TODAY AT 5 PM New Orleans time.

Macaroni Slim is working hard for LOWTIMERS

Yes I know this has become an obsession, I know you want boat photos and stories. I know I know, and I PROMISE you will be rewarded. We have now extended our best offer ever. FREE MEMBERSHIP TO WOODY BOATER if LOWTIMERS WINS. Thats right, all the special stories FREE, AS IN FREE. You just click on the sight and stories appear. FREE. Just for your vote. I will even fix the APP.


LOWTIMERS NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT. Come on, just a click HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

look for this logo

Its a Dog eat dog fight til the end. Sorry Ruby!




Kent O Smith nails another great image

Even though we vote differently we are one!

LOVE this green interior – Steve Lapkin photo

Lake Dora


Oh ya

Infatuation on Lake Dora 2011 – Photo Miracle Photography

Has anyone seen my vote?


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43 Responses to “We Are Getting Smoked By A Yorkie! FREE MEMBERSHIP TO WOODYBOATER IF LOWTIMERS WINS”
  1. Rick

    575 and if they win after all our hard work they should supply some virtual hotdogs at our Holiday Party. Free WoodyBoater subscription AND virtual hotdogs if that doesn’t get everyone voting nothing will.

  2. Matt

    I want wood boat discussion as well. Trust me if it wasnt this close I would have moved on. But that dam yorkie just was a brillient move by the Miss Smarty Pants crowd.

  3. John Rothert

    585 and I flunked the robot 6 times….it’s just a click….

    John in Va.

  4. Rabbit

    I voted again at one am. They won’t let me vote again. It’s up to the rest of you. I’ve got an oil stained Original Sons of Varnish T- shirt for whoever puts us over the top.

  5. Matthew Smith

    Tomorrow all will be back to “our normal” which is not normal at all.

  6. matt

    it was a mistake. HA, the computer did it. AHHHHH, I just want to go back in time and not care. I have become obsessed. THis is why I normally dont care about anything. I cant do it half way. That dam little Yorkie is killing me! Bad dog, bad bad bad dog.

  7. Jeffrey Martinson

    No worries. Lowtimers can just (baselessly) claim fraud and refuse to accept the election results. Problem solved., lol.

  8. How Low can you Go?

    My cache has never been cleaner! Damn! How are they able to lead the WoodyBoater Nation?

    For those folks who missed it, you can vote multiple times of you clear your browser cache and close your browser after voting….then reopen your browser and you will be able to vote again (thoeretically, that is…) the email address you use doesnt matter

  9. DMac

    I have never posted before however I think your request for a simple “Click” to vote is a small consideration of payment for the delivery of you fresh daily perspectives to my iPad for my morning coffee read. For me our 1955 Chris Craft is more than a hobby, it is almost a lifestyle which you validate daily. Many Thanks.
    Voted three times ( 1/day)

  10. Murdock

    685 VOTES right now.
    Your black dog MUST be related to Gene Simmons from Kiss with that tongue!!!!

  11. Jeffrey Martinson

    Meanwhile, somewhere out there on the world wide web, there’s a Crochet Club webmaster imploring his readers to vote, vote, vote for Babe.

    And somewhere else, there’s a Tiddlywinks Team Site webmaster begging her readers to vote, vote, vote for Miss Smarty Pants.

    Unless! …. this manipulation is all in the hands of one person! Matt???


  12. Mike K

    your about 70 behind and it wont let me vote anymore, matthew is it tracking ip now?

  13. Contest the VOTE!!!!

    Recount !! Recount! 785 Miss Smarty Pants
    737 for Lowtimers

  14. Matt

    mmmm Last night between 10pm and 4 am this morning, 100 votes to smarty pants. NO OTHER got votes over night that late. I smell a big fat rat! But we are beyond greatful to all those of you that voted. It was a fun diversion and sorry to hijack you all for it. Tomorrow back to boat stuff.