Andrew Robb at the helm

In our second feature of young guns week, meet Andrew Robb up in Connecticut. Andrew is a great guy and is extremely passionate and humble about Classic Boats. Heck, all wood boats.  You may remember one of his masterpieces NEZZIE who beat us in the big Lake Tahoe Boat Show. BTW, I DEMAND A RECOUNT! I WAS “ROBBED” No bitterness Andrew.. I am almost over it.

Bitter? Me?

I met Andrew up on Gull Lake at the big GULL LAKE Minn show. NEZZIE is an amazing craft. And sorry Andrew, it’s payback time, the photo that just keeps giving! HA. BTW, here is the feature story on NEZZIE back in July 2016. HERE


Anyway back to bragging about North Country Boatworks. I highly recommend a visit to their website. HERE!!!!

Attractive young people in attractive boats, on attractive water.

Love this photo. It says so much. The slow ride, the romantic ride, the is that oil blow by smell? Are we gonna blow up? Cant we get a pontoon boat, I never want to stop doing this. My iwatch keeps pinging me.. YES I KNOW I NEED TO BREATH..

You will start seeing a trend of very nice marketing, and website design. An understanding of social media and how to get the word out. This is good for all of us. Having young passionate companies is critical to inviting new classic boaters into our community.

Great photos and a variety of boats they work on.

And now a short video! Oh ya!

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6 Responses to “Look North To North Country Boatworks.”
  1. Troy in ANE


    This is a wonderful series you have going on this week Matt!!

    Sure beats begging for votes!

  2. Matt

    Ya begging for votes might have been the bottom the barrel here in our history.

  3. Jeffrey Martinson

    Great stuff! All their work looks amazing, but I’m especially beguiled by their “yacht joinery” service. Adding wood to any boat – whether it had it to start or not – is always an improvement in my mind, and their restorations and additions in that category look incredible!

    • NorthCountryBoat

      Thanks for the kind words! We have found that the exacting standards of award winning restoration work translates nicely into high quality yacht joinery projects. Whether it’s antique restoration or modern yacht joinery, it’s all extremely satisfying work at the end of the day.

  4. Lymehouse

    I love the theme Matt! Refreshing to see the young faces in the old boats. We need more!
    Andrew, cool video, and a wonderful restoration of a very unique boat. Well done!