Bob Kays has been taking some turn around shots

Today we officially start Last Gasp week for the year 2020. I gotta say as whacka-doodle the outside world has been, I have been able to go boating daily. Where shorts literally every day, and seen the Boatress so much she is sick of me again.

Gasping in Sweet Pea


I have gotten a taste of what some sort of retirement might be like. NOT READY BTW.

More Bob turn around shots. I LOVE THIS PHOTO

But there have been some things that have been very evident. GATHERINGS. I miss seeing you in person. Laughing, complaining and general humanity. The power of presence is just as real as the life that embodies our boats. It’s there, yet you can only feel it and sound like a nut job when you expound about it profusely.

Okay enough Paul Harrison words. Lets let the gasps tell the story. Lets see what ya got!

On my creek

Bob from a couple weeks ago

If you have a Gasp 2020 story send it to me. Or have fun in the comment section

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21 Responses to “Last Gasp 2020 – No Killer Hairy Caterpillars Please.”
  1. Tparsons56

    We took the last boat out of the water for the season yesterday morning. It was a beautiful sunny morning with an invigorating 36 degree air temp.

    Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures as the snow and ice on the boat from the previous night kept hitting me in the face on the way to the launch ramp.

    All was good, however, as by the afternoon we had everything put away, a nice roaring fire, a cold drink and college football (except for the damn political ads every break).

    It actually turned out to be a good season but are hoping for better things in 2021!

  2. m-fine

    We pulled the last boat on 10/6 this year. Not much of a story to share but here is a photo of the last ride to the ramp.

  3. RiverRat

    Last gasp sounds like you have boating covid. Don’t forget to breath. Only in the water twice. Too many people with a cavalier attitude at the ramp. Hopefully more time next season. Stay safe so you are around for Spring launch.

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    Yes sadly its that time of year. I think I posted this last year, but it is one of my favorite last gasp photos. My daughter went back to Germany shortly after this picture was taken, to study. I haven’t seen her in over a year. Get out There enjoy the time!

  5. Greg Lewandowski

    Last gasping is behind us. Cool and rainy day on Lobdell Lake with a lonely boat lift.

  6. Syd Marsden

    A week ago several of us got together for a last run of the season, but we scaled it down a bit

  7. Ollon

    After a season of no boat shows, 4th of July fireworks, smoke filled skies due to the fires and 2 boats with engine problems. It was nice to finally have a quiet beautiful day on the lake before we tucked it all away until what hopefully will be a much better season next year.

  8. Chuck Crosby

    I was in Carmel, Ca last week and it was in the mid 90’s….That is too hot for Carmel…No boating , so just a nice sunset pic…

  9. Jeffrey Martinson

    Yeah, last gasp has taken on a new (old?) meaning. Let’s keep breathing and have a last hurrah on the water instead, lol.

  10. John Rothert

    Last gast my assp, I have put the enclosure one for the season, put the boatsafe heater in the engine compartment, taken on fuel and ready to Go Boating all winter here in temperate ole VA!

    John in Va.

  11. MikeM

    Can you have a last gasp if you never had a first gasp? This is the first season that none of my boats hit the water. Zero. Dang…..🤷‍♂️

  12. Russ in Bolton

    OK, this is it for the year on Lake George. A perfect fall day…cool and calm, colors at their peak. See you all next year…

  13. Russ in Bolton

    Tried compressing the JPG file for my picture from 6 to 2.5MB. Hope it accepts it this time.

  14. Ron in Seattle

    Sadly, like Mike, because I had no first gasp, there is no last gasp. With all boating events canceled, the Custom is still in the barn… a real bummer, because Rob DaPron gave her a great varnish update last winter. But, I think I’ll head out in the trawler for a few days. Here we can cruise all year long.

  15. John G.

    The last outing for us here in Northern Illinois was October 9th. It’s getting down into the 30’s many nights now, so as of this writing, the boat is tucked away in doors for her long months of hibernation. The captain and crew have to face the long, bleak winter. Hibernation has often seemed like an enviable idea, never more so than this winter though.