The “Lounge” is ready

As we all last gasp, we are also prepping for the inevitable coldness about to consume us all. So I have been working away at cleaning out junk and getting the barn ready for time in doors. Also while at it, I found a very cool old metal billboard and had some fun restoring and preserving it. So today. A mish mash of barn fun. Mixed in with some sunsets and general nothingness.

Getting there

Stinky is set.

Made this cool detail for the lift. Its a PVC Drain part from a local hardware store


Work in progress

Hors d’oeuvres anyone?

Rugs add a certain… shall I say.. AWWWBIANCE

Okay, now the bill board. Found on Facebook classified down the street. Virginia Diner has been around since 1929 and sells the best peanuts on the planet earth. This is clearly an old board. This is as found, on a wall in a barn. One of the panels was shot. No literally shot. Several times. And that one panel just fell off when I took it down. What to do?

A very delicate wash. Talk about rat turds. YIKES. You can see the panel. Fix or leave?

Okay I am gonna stop here. This is not some iconic Bill Board, And the metal panels could be a very cool canvas for a hand painted boat board. But, it is Virginia roadside history. So it will saty what it is. But fix it? It needs to be sealed or all the paint will drop off.

Well it just so happens that I have an odd collection of old paint. One Shot paint. Just the sort of thing they would have used. What are the chances I have the exact color?

HELL TO THE YA! Now this is where it turns into an art project.

Thats just paint thinner finding the original color. And this blue has a tendency to shift over time. So I mixed in a little Dark Blue. DEAD MATCH

And started the journey of painting so it would blend in. Oreo likes to help

matching the letters was easy.

One side old, one side new. I used a Matte clear finish over it to make sure the shine, or lack thereof was consistent

A very similar font as Stinky’s name

Of course it looks even better blocked by the truck. I need to work on this

As promissed. A Sunset

October sunsets here are insane

And just to keep the crazy thread today.

Ruby says GET OUT THERE!

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18 Responses to “Nesting The Barn For Winter”
  1. Bilge Rat

    I must have missed the report where you drywalled the ceiling. Looks nice and I like the chain fall decorative ceiling touch. In architectural parlance, this is known as an escutcheon.

    • Matt

      Dam it, now I have to google all that. The ceiling is 5/8 drywall, with a mildew reseitent paint. It will be a climate controlled environment.

      • Matt

        OH! Be careful how you google escutcheon! That went off real fast. But as an architectural term, PERFECT.

  2. Frank@Falmouth

    ah… to have a climate controlled boat barn!. That ceiling really brightens it up. and having strategically placed chain falls probably makes putting Stinky on boat dollies by yourself easy.. I have to do the block, move trailer, block move trailer, block move trailer.. Cool historical sign….

  3. Gil Grant

    I have a great winter project for someone, l took possession of the Wooden Lady again,
    On a rebuilt aluminum trailer ready to go anywhere. The Lady needs paint and varnish
    and a little more than I can do at 80. Time
    to pass her to a new caretaker.

    • Kelly Wittenauer

      Sadly, more project than I can take on now as well. But that looks a lot like the ’59 23′ Chris Cavalier cruiser my family had when I was in elementary school. Photo brings back treasured memories – thanks!

      • William H Herring III

        Kelly et al, I too grew up in, on, and under a 23′ Chris-Craft Cavalier of, I believe, early sixties vintage…though will have to consult my mother for photos…Watching this site with great enthusiasm, and still have the scent a varnish running through my system.

  4. John Rothert

    A high school friend of mine’s family started the Virginia Diner….loved the place…it has changed hands and grown but the peanuts are still the best. Back in the day there were so many coats of white paint on the window muntins (look the one up Matt) that they had no definition…just a blob….great memories of a great place…worth a visit any time.
    John in Va.

  5. Matt

    I wish I could figure out the age of the billboard. That logo is an old one. I think?

  6. Don Vogt

    Quite a space and collection, Matt! Do you find any problems with storing wood boats in a heated space on a cement floor?

  7. Kelly Wittenauer

    Those sunset photos are stunning! The barn looks like a great place to spend the winter.

    Did you coat the sign with something to keep loose paint from falling off? If so, what? I got these doors off of a cabinet that was in dad’s old garages from the ’60s until about 5 years ago. Wish they’d come to me several years earlier, much dirt, mildew & loose paint by the time I got them. Furniture restoration forums lead me to carefully cleaning them with isopropyl alcohol to rid them of the dirt & mildew. Worked well, without removing the decades of precious penciled notes. But I was advised nothing could be done to keep more paint from falling off. Told that coating applied over it, would just come off with it & might damage the notes. I had professional photos made of the doors right after cleaning them up, to have a record of them before any further deterioration. Thankfully there hasn’t been any now that they hang in my basement rec room.

  8. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    The last gasp stories of this week inspired me. The dock is out, the cabin is closed for the season, all boats are winterised and put away. Except for Little One. 81 degrees yesterday in Southwestern Ohio. Just had to get out there. My wife and went out for a picnic and boat ride. It was great. This year I don’t want to call it a last gasp, but a last ride for the season.

  9. Mahogany mafia

    BAM seems to be a scary caption when your boat is sitting on chain hoists with no support under it. Maybe its just me

  10. Jeffrey Martinson

    Gorgeous clutter! I had no idea the size of the billboard until the pic of you sitting in front of it painting. Massive project. Just moving it must have been a b.

    Headed up to my favorite barn-full of gorgeous clutter in NE this weekend. De-nesting the mice so I can nest my stuff for the winter. Gonna bring the Sea Lancer back below the Mason Dixon line and leave a sailboat up there for the summer days. Wife prefers quieter boating on her vacations, lol.

  11. Charity

    Have you had Oreos lead levels checked. Looks like he was licking to help?

  12. David Hughes

    Boy do I wish I had as much room in my garage…I have “garage envy!”