Breaks my heart.

At first glance I was going to jump on this plastic objet d’art. I love this sort of stuff. The seller claims to have been removed from the Chris Craft Factory. Which does make sense, since I cant imagine anyone else needing this huge logo in their repair shop, or dealership. These are not cheap to produce.

Thats a whopper

So here is the question. Is it fixable? Is it even worth fixing? Is it too large? If you put it up in your barn.. am I now a Chris Craft dealer? Factory? If I place it outside of a barn, I am advertising and thus violating any trademark or copyright issue. Since the use of a logo like this has laws protecting it. Especially since the logo is a currently protected logo mark. So you are only technically be able to use it in your barn, not outside.

Is your name Chris?

Typically when a sign like this is removed, the corporation insists that it be destroyed and discarded. Okay, okay, it’s just a cool old sign. And I don’t think Chris – Craft would issue you a cease and desist for putting it up in your barn.

Todays header shows a metal sign above the Florida Factory. Photo courtesy of the Wolfson Archives

But I needed a story today, and some fun comment drama. So have at it. It’s a rainy day here and well.. YOU CAN CLICK HERE AND SEE THE LISTING ON EBAY.

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21 Responses to “Get Out Your Super Glue – 20 Foot Chris Craft Sign On Ebay!”
  1. Chug-A-Lug

    I like this stuff.Don’t have to find Mary J.Youwanna.Think I’ll go fly a kite now.

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    That is cool! I love old signs. There was some other neat CC stuff on their site also. I may have to make a bid.

  3. Kevin

    Very cool sign, would look great as a background piece at the Chris Craft marquee class boat show.

    p.s. The seller has worst spelling than you Matt!.. 🙂

  4. Art

    There was a sign just like that on the last CC building standing in Algonac, which was the Parts building and is still standing. When the property was sold to Pete Beauregard and associates it was taken down and later put on the ceiling of the restaurant . To my knowledge its still there.

  5. Mr. Asshat

    Two grand? Oh well, someone may want it that bad. If I wanted to blow two grand on some wood and plastic…I’d buy another boat so that my communist buddies and I could motor around furthering our agenda….

  6. Tommy

    That is cool. Does anyone have a picture of any prewar logos that they used on signs back in the day?

    • Art

      I have a per war rendering of the CC font , which is to full size scale, that was put on the hull sides. Would that do?


  7. Miles Kapper

    If it floats your boat, buy it, restore it, mount it on the side of the barn where the most folks will see it. My bet is sooner or later someone will stop and you will have the most delightful conversation with him or her. I don’t think the Chris Craft Logo police are going to come after you and even if they did think of all the stories you will have to tell your cell mates in jail! Here you go, it’s smooth sailing after the first ten seconds!

  8. Bilge Rat

    I’d rather have a shot at buying the Rambler Cross County station wagon in the picture.

    My dad was a Rambler owner for a few years back in the 50’s and 60’s.

  9. Kelly Wittenauer

    Cool sign. And Very cool old photo! Would look great in/on your barn & I really doubt Chris Craft would object – especially with you being a proud owner & promotor of some of their products.

  10. Dick Dow

    Dad had that same model Rambler in “Salmon Pink” with black and silver accents. We took a family road trip to California in it when I was about 5-6 years old. Saw the Hearst Castle, Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland. We had Ramblers into the 70’s then switched to Volvo. 🙂

    That’s a great sign, but not sure it’s $2k great… I enjoy my free banner hanging in the shop!

    • briant

      Ha – I wonder how many families have done the same trip – we did ours in a Ford Country Squire wagon. Yea, with the pathetic wood contact paper on the sides.

      Too bad you switched to Volvos….post-Amazon their stuff is just rubbish. Can’t sell ours – nobody wants it. I’d love to find a moose to plow into to total the car we have, but then again, the insurance company would only give me two bits for it….

  11. Don Palmer

    Good pictures but it still doesn’t compare to Matt’s garage! You have got work to do! (oops, did I say that or was I just thinking it?)

  12. George

    Given the poor spelling and language I would be very careful about this

  13. John Rothert

    this ad guy spells worse than our fearless leader…

    cool sign….not sing….

    John in Va.