Nothing excites me!

I am brain dead this morning. I tried to start it with some coffee varnish. NOPE. Breakfast. Nope. Just the sound of a blank cranking brain. I sprayed some starting fluid in my nostrils. YA, I won’t do that a third time! Maybe my timing is off? I may have fixed my blow by, but now need to fix the blow hard. So, I am going to walk away from the keyboard and hand you the keys. Have at it, if one of your whack doodle comments can get something started great, we can all surf on that.

MA! Pose Ma!

I referenced WoodyBoater to some new work folks yesterday, they all laughed at the comments. Said what a nutso community. I could not agree more. So comment away. I am cough cough, trying to start my day and the clock is ticking and my email is blowing up.. “ARE YOU OKAY” yes. Just kinda starring into space. Hold on, I have written an entire post about absolutely nothing. AGAIN!

I see water?

Happy header day.



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18 Responses to “It’s All Your Today! Ugh, Yours.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Relax and live the life style. Paint a couple more oars or do some work on Stinky or something. Better days are ahead!

    • Greg Lewandowski

      That is a gorgeous vessel. I think she would look great with American Beauty ll on the transom.

    • Randy

      … and you could start your own AlumieBoater site, documenting daily maintenance. A yacht this size would indeed be a lifetime supply of stories. Sad that someone painted all that beautiful interior paneling, I suppose to lighten up the interior.

      Burger — a true luxurious classic from the opulent past.

  2. Bilge Rat

    Yeah, there is the axiom of too much boat.

    But I suppose for some; there’s too much boat or too much money, it’s just hard to have both.


  3. Kentucky Wonder

    In the history of WoodyBoater, what have been the most read stories? The biggest web traffic days? The most comments HAS to be The Shootout, right? What about personal favorite stories? Best photos? Best boat rides? A good retrospective might be in order?

  4. Mark

    Four inches of snow this morning in Mass.

    Got any oars that look like shovels ?

    • Rick

      I’d be surprised if someone in this group hasn’t made a varnished woody snow shovel.

  5. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    I think a virtual Halloween party tomorrow would be cool.

  6. John

    Must be contagious – my pup checked out for the day as well. All I get is this bored look

  7. John (Jack) Thee Boat Hack

    Someone painted wood paneling?! There must be some chilled red wine on board, too. Heathens!