Pass the Purell please!

I loved seeing Texx back yesterday, it was like family visiting during the holidays. This year is like no other year that I have personally experienced. As crappy and trying as it’s been. There have been some amazing moments to be thankful for. The most obvious one is I have been able to spend more..lots more time at home.  And in a way, being able to have a story to do each and every day has been a blessing. Reading your kind, and funny comments has been a wonderful distraction and reminder of what a wonderful nutty community we are part of. If you look back, and think about it, we are an odd family that gathers daily here for over a decade. So I do consider all of you, friends and family, and seeing your name pop up in the comment section is a visit from a pal. Good or bad, bitching, arguing and or being whacko, its all one big dinner with a crap load of crazy Uncles. And I would not have it any other way. So from me to you. Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for giving me a smile every day!

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27 Responses to “I Am Thankful For All Of You.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Matt, the feeling is mutual. I love my WoodyBoater fix every morning and the comments from everyone. Keep it up and Happy Thanksgiving to all of WoodyBoaterville. Enjoy the turkey.

  2. .Rick

    Thanks Matt for the daily morning smile. Happy Thanksgiving to all the WoodyBoaters and their families

  3. Troy in ANE

    I think this is a first!!

    Sandi and I will be having Thanksgiving Dinner with just the two of us. Kind of exciting actually. Will be Zooming or Skyping with family.

    Love you all!

    Now it’s time to get cooking.

  4. Shep on Lake Shafer IN

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!
    Thanks Matt for your post every day!
    I do enjoy reading when I can and don’t comment a lot.
    It is a great community here in WoodyBoater villa that you keep a live. Love it!
    Hope to see you all at Tavares in a few months.
    It would be great to see you Greg at the show this year.
    Crossing my fingers they have it?
    Moms mink will be there. I will give you a ride.
    Enjoy family today and Gods blessings on all of us!

  5. Shep on Lake Shafer IN.

    FYI Matt can you bring back the red hat mine has seen better days

    • m-fine

      Holy CRAP!!! I am not the only person left who thinks Friday doesn’t Strat on Thursday or earlier? YEAH!!! I will be sure to visit your store.

  6. Mark

    Happy Turkey Day to all !

    Going to my daughter’s for prime rib (we have both been basically quarantining the whole time) and delivering turkey dinner to my other daughter whose husband has Covid (he is young and doing well).

    Let’s hope for a short winter in the Northeast.

  7. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    Thanks, Matt! I have only been following a few years and I think most of the stories I have read were yours, and look forward to your ‘style’ every morning. Texx does have a following and I also enjoyed his story yesterday. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Terry

    Happy Thanksgiving Matt! It wouldn’t be a great start to the day without your wit. Have a good one brother.

  9. Roberta

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Twosome turkey dinner this year, but hoping for a return to normal in 2021.

  10. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    I like others I am thankful for the stories and comments on Woody Boater every morning. Although I’ve never met you guys personally, I feel like your friends to me. And if I ever do meet you at a boat show. I think we will have a lot to talk about and a lot in common. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. And just remember the pilgrims were Woody Boaters also.

  11. Art

    Matt et all (did I spell it correctly Matt?) HAPPY-HAPPY-HAPPY Turkey Day to all.
    I also look forward to your daily drivel, which usually starts my day with a smile. I do get very concerned that you may have been run over by a boat when you post later then 5 AM. 😎

  12. Kelly Wittenauer

    Happy thanksgiving to all in WoodyBoaterVille! I don’t comment so often, but enjoy reading the story & comments most every morning. Have been hosting my family here for a pre-Thanksgiving feast the weekend before & spending Turkey Day with my husband’s family, for the last several years. Sadly none of that this year. Just didn’t seem wise to put a dozen plus people in a 2000 sq. ft. house for hours. Thankful that our crew has avoided the virus thus far. And very thankful for our new little boater. Our 1st grandchild was able to visit for his 1st boat ride this summer.

  13. John Rothert

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my woodyboater family!
    After a small turkey with Bethany and her mother…I am, you guessed it….Going Boating…and for the weekend too….weather nice. Stay safe brothers and sisters.
    Many thanks Matt for all the fun and all the years and years to come.
    John in Va.

    • Richard Daley

      Was great to hear from Texx yesterday from the sunny north of Alberta Canada where the boating season is so very short.
      That’s why my daily ritual of woody boater is so very important to my boating mental health.
      Thanks Matt for all you do for our community.
      Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

  14. William H Herring III

    Matt, I have been enjoying your endeavors for quite some time in the shadows I’m afraid come on but I felt so Moved by some of your recent posts and the responses to them, that I would like to wish you and all affiliated with WB Happy Thanksgiving and all the rest of days of this Most

  15. m-fine

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today is the ONE day a year where it might be OK to have turkey bacon. Well, no, no it’s not even OK today, but it might have been.

    Everyone have a safe, COVID free holiday!

  16. WoodyGal

    Matt, thanks for starting my mornings off right. I appreciate your whacko sense of humor, your intelligence and willingness to poke the elephant in the room with a sharp stick.
    Wishing you and Suzie a Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. KENT in Valparaiso

    Even though I have not had a boat since my 14′ CC Kit Boat (with 10HP CC outboard), in 1959, I read your daily posts, including all of the comments. I do get a ride in the Molly-O once a year, so I consider myself a semi Woody boater. Thank you Matt for all that you do. It brightens my day. Happy thanksgiving to all of you Woody Boaters.

  18. Don Palmer

    Happy Thanksgiving Matt and thanks for your continued daily fine work. I just don’t understand yet how we are going to get the turkey and gravy past the masks!

  19. David Hughes

    Theodore Roosevelt:
    Gentlemen, nothing in this world is certain – absolutely nothing. The fate of the nation will be decided by the American people in November, and the fate of Morocco will be decided tomorrow by me. And now, if you don’t mind, I’d just like to be alone with my bear!

    Happy Thanksgiving Yanks!

  20. Dick Dow

    Don, I just have a straw access in mine… Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Eat lots and take a good nap… ! Thank you Matt for the daily inspiration and to Suzy for putting up with it all! What is the saying? – “Behind every good man is a good woman.” Or something like that. 🙂 Be well, everyone.

  21. Ollon

    Smallest turkey ever in the oven, but our daughters drove down from Idaho so the four of us are all together today. Enjoying the little things life has to offer this year. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  22. Chug-A-Lug

    Happy Thanksgiving all.We’re too poor for turkey so have settle for filet min yawn.We’ve had that 3 meals a day.Starting to get boring.Gonna run those through the crockpot with soup mix,taters and un-yuns.