I?, I? Oh? WHAT?

Today, yes today if you are here, and hopefully you are, you are witness to what can be described as the low point of 13 years of doing this EVERY day. Yup, today. I think its a Tuesday. December 8th 2020. The low point. We have scraped the bottom of the barrel many times, but today we are gonna scoop us some sludge and bang a hole in it so crap leaks out onto your carpet. Ya.. That low. Todays ebay feature is…is…well..mmm… Electric Corded?

Hey! Its perfect.

One must appreciate the detail of bolting a scrap of pine paneling, note the grain curve. And carefully drilled holes.

This could become a trophy? The User award.

IF YOU WANT THIS WORK OF ??? IT’S ON EBAY.. HURRY! The garbage man comes on Wednesday!


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20 Responses to ““Could Use Some Finishing Touches””
    • Troy in ANE

      I really appreciate the wood work. That is something I might actually be able to accomplish.

      BR: I prefer my lamps to have two legs.

  1. m-fine

    That’s pretty bad. If you are going to turn junk into a lamp, at least put a little effort into it.

    • Rick

      Worst restored boat award? Out in Greenport NY there was an old CC on the hard held together with drywall screws.

  2. Mark in Ohio ( sometimes da U P )

    That lamp is terrible! If you’re going to take the time to make one, make it right.

    • Kelly Wittenauer

      Wow, that is cool! And something besides the usual old outboard mailbox.

  3. Frank@Falmouth

    I love old outboard mailboxes…tho they just become targets for adolescent kids drive bys… 🙂

  4. Mike D

    Yep, I’m pretty sure that you have hit the bottom…at least I hope so for your sake.

  5. briant

    This lamp is just pathetic because some poor sap cobbled it together….

    But if Ralph Lauren had screwed this trash together in a minute, it would have already been snatched up by Kanye for $1800.

  6. floyd r turbo

    “Could use a few finishing touches” Understatement of the year. He did finish the base off with some nice manila line so its definitely got the nautical influence. Sadly, some woman man come across this and surprise her husband for Christmas. There needs to be a comment section on fleabay for just this type product. He forgot to mention “Made in USA”.

  7. Jeffrey Martinson

    I shudder to think how many of my creations would be worthy of the same scornful judgment. 😮

  8. Mike U

    Did anyone else look at his other items for sale? if you did, there was this one too: